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Streets of Kamurocho Review

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Overall - 75%


Streets of Kamurocho pays great honor to both the Streets of Rage and Yakuza series of games. Though there is not much to this package, those weaned on beat-em-ups old and new will enjoy their brief jaunt in Tokyo.

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Yakuza fans are no doubt acquainted with the bustling cityscape of Kamurocho, but Empty Clip Studios and SEGA looks at this locale in a new perspective with their new side-scrolling beat-’em-up Streets of Kamurocho. Does Kiryu’s pixelated outing hit harder than a bicycle to the head, or is 3D the way to go?

Streets of Kamurocho Review

Featuring mainstays Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, Streets of Kamurocho transports players to the titular city in Tokyo after the death of the Tojo Clan’s Third Chairman. With violence taking over the streets, it’s up to these two anti-heroes to bash some heads and restore honor to their family.

However, the real star of this game is its action. Closely following the beats of Streets of Rage 2, Streets of Kamurocho tasks players with fighting waves of Chinese mafia and yakuza members every step of the way. Each character has a moveset that is nearly identical to that of Streets of Rage 2’s Axel Stone, right down to the flaming fists. Armed with a jump, an attack, and a special move that drains health when an attack connects, it’s surprisingly robust for how few buttons are used. Whether one is throwing a bad guy into another bad guy or delivering a jump kick into an unsuspecting foe, players will no doubt be absorbed in its frantic and chaotic action. Also, when in doubt, there are plenty of traffic cones and knives that will work in a pinch.

Consisting of one stage, two minibosses, and a final boss, there is just enough variety to make the initial playthrough fresh. Taking players through the lively halls of the Bacchus and the streets of the city shows off just how great the sprite work really is. Though it is a disappointment that the sound effects are lifted wholesale from the SEGA Genesis original, there is just enough new content here to prevent it from feeling like a retread.

It’s just a shame that it only has one stage to offer. Completing a run and taking down Akira Nishiki leads to a new round that has players running through the same stage, albeit at a higher difficulty setting. While an additional stage or two would be welcome, the title stresses replayability with its global leaderboard and scoring system.

Outside of the single player and two player leaderboards, there is also the chance to unlock a third character. Although all three characters play the same, this is still a welcome addition nonetheless. In addition, though there are no achievements, the leaderboard is fairly active right now, which is a perfect fit for all of the score chasers out there.

Streets of Kamurocho pays great honor to both the Streets of Rage and Yakuza series of games. Though there is not much to this package, those weaned on beat-em-ups old and new will enjoy their brief jaunt in Tokyo.

This review of Streets of Kamurocho was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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