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Super Captain 3D Review

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Overall - 30%


Super Captain 3D is an unimaginative shooter that is a follower rather than a leader in the genre. Despite its heroic protagonist, this title plays the part of a villain.

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The world is in danger in Team Gizmoid’s Super Captain 3D, and it’s up to shoot-em-up aficionados to take to the skies and save the day. You would think that a caped crusader that cribs notes from Superman would make for some heroic adventures, but this shmup features your average, ordinary chump.

Super Captain 3D Review

Things start out dire from the get-go in Super Captain 3D. An individual wearing jeweled footwear (that looks suspiciously like Thanos) has wiped out a number of superheroes, and invaders have started to appear in the skies. As Super Captain 3D, it’s up to you to save the day.

It’s a pretty uninspired plot, but one could easily tell that this is a common thread throughout the game. The hero itself lacks any decent amount of animation, making a pose throughout. He also has a habit of stealing others’ catchphrases and using them incorrectly – hearing him say “Cap Smash” might be an awkward tribute to Marvel’s greats, but it feels like the development team had no original ideas of their own.

The same principle can be seen in Super Captain 3D’s design. A horizontal 2D shmup by design, players need to take down all enemy invaders that stand in their way. The design of these baddies leaves something to be desired – some are made up of a few pixels, while others are crudely drawn. Nothing seems to mesh too well, giving this title a disjointed appearance.

Super Captain 3D - Gamers Heroes

The ultimate goal is to make sure the “destruction” meter does not fill up. Every time an enemy passes the player by, this meter grows that much more. It seems fairly simple at first, but soon waves of more than 15 enemies populate the screen at any time. Any semblance of balance is thrown out the window once this happens, and it’s a crapshoot to see if players can complete the stage.

There are a few powers players can utilize to make things easier. The default laser blaster from Super Captain 3D’s eyes is complemented by a super beam with a cooldown, an invulnerable metal form that also has a cooldown, and a dash function with i-frames. These might turn the tides, but the inherent design of each makes things that much more difficult. The metal form, for instance, prevents players from firing, while the dash is so jumpy that it is hard to time things right. This is made that much worse with the hero’s huge size – he has a hitbox that takes up far too much real estate.

Every time players take down an enemy, they each experience that can be used to level up one of the aforementioned abilities. The laser beam, flight, and metal form can all be leveled up to the point that the game is downright broken. There were points where we were able to just spam the laser and the metal form to take down everything on the screen at once. Though this is something that needs to be earned, we still felt like this was borderline game-breaking.

It’s not like players will be shooting these waves for long – we were able to finish the four different worlds and eight stages in around 50 minutes.

Super Captain 3D is an unimaginative shooter that is a follower rather than a leader in the genre. Despite its heroic protagonist, this title plays the part of a villain.

This review of Super Captain 3D was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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