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Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission delivers on story, mechanics, replay value, depth, and combat. It's a near complete package that's sure to appeal to all fans of the Dragon Ball universe.

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The Dragon Ball universe returns in exciting fashion with Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, a fresh take on the popular IP that infuses the characters and events of the franchise with an action-orientated card combat and battle system. A brave break from the norm promises plenty of flashy fanfare for veterans of the series, but does it do enough to entice newer players into the world of Dragon Ball?

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission takes a step back from Dragon Ball’s traditionally action-based games, and instead offers players an intriguing adventure into the world of deck building and card combat. Boasting over 1,000 unique cards, with characters and figures spanning nearly the entirety of the DBZ lore, players are challenged with building a deck of seven different cards and taking them into battle.

The deck building aspects of Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission are both approachable and incredibly detailed. It’s simple to throw together a team of your favorite DBZ heroes and test their mettle against the universes greatest villains. Likewise, you can spend endless hours looking for combinations and unique mixtures of characters and abilities to seriously turn the tide of combat in your favor.

It’s more than combining characters; each card in the game can be equipped with various items that can change stats, form new combinations, and even add new special attacks. The near-limitless potential of deck building combinations rivals that of even the bigger card-based games on the market today.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review

Furthermore, players get to choose and customize their own unique avatar. There’s a number of different races to choose from, including Saiyan and Namekian, each of which brings a selection of different skills and abilities to the field of battle. These avatars can unlock special moves as they earn experience points and progress through the game, earning Camaraderie points for fighting alongside other characters from the DBZ franchise. Trying different deck combinations is exciting in itself, but seeing what abilities you can learn from characters is equally as exciting, adding even more to the dynamic and complex nature of building the ultimate deck.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission certainly has all the bells and whistles to deliver, but what’s that without a challenging and rewarding combat system? Thankfully, and frankly to my surprise, it delivers. Each battle begins as a turn-based setup where each team selects attack and support members for the coming round. Committing more units to the front lines increases your power level but lowers stamina, making you susceptible to stuns and stamina draining attacks.

Support fighters occupy the back lines, opting to avoid direct confrontation with the enemy in favor of providing buffs and heals to your front-line fighters. This choice and consequence approach to combat creates for a thrilling min-maxing approach as you balance offensive and defensive maneuvers as you prepare to unleash your most devastating attacks and combinations.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review

Unlike the more traditional card games released as of late, Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission does not shy away from high quality animations and combat sequences. If you were to glance at the game for a brief moment, it would be difficult to discern the difference between Super Dragon Ball Heroes and the more traditional fighting-based games of the DBZ world. The combat animations and fight sequences are that good.

Considering the length of some of the bigger battles and the frequency in which certain skills and abilities are used, the animations can feel a little long-winded and do drag out some of the weaker enemies unnecessarily. Nevertheless, this is a minor annoyance, one that’s often overcome at the use of a new skill or ability with a more extravagant and over-the-top animation sequence. Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission encompasses the most exciting elements of deck building games and couples it with the exhilarating, high-octane action of Dragon Ball with precision execution.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission boasts a variety of different modes. The story mode features a simplified board game-like approach to navigating through various story arcs from the Dragon Ball series. Competitive online battling is available, along with an arcade mode where you can capture enemy fighters, proviiding custom card building with a huge variety of unlockables. If the base style of the game is appealing to you, there’s a near endless barrage of content waiting to challenge you every step of the way.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission delivers on story, mechanics, replay value, depth, and combat. It’s a near complete package that’s sure to appeal to all fans of the Dragon Ball universe.

This Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review was done on the Nintendo Switch. A digital version was purchased for the purpose of this review, although a physical copy was later received.
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