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Super Pillow Fight Review

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Overall - 20%


Super Pillow Fight takes a one-note joke and puts a price tag on it. It is not fun to play, and the lack of detail that went into its engine is apparent.

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There’s no denying that some fighters are more complex than others, with the amount of skill required directly correlating to its replayability. New to the FGC, Aoineko’s Super Pillow Fight lands squarely in scrub territory.

Super Pillow Fight Review

Most fighting games have the pugilist settle things with their fists, but Super Pillow Fight gives each character a pillow to duel with. Controls are mapped to two pillow attacks and two kick attacks, along with a PF Smash and PF Summon that both use the “MegaMeter.”

The control scheme here is nothing too out of the ordinary, but things fall apart when the fight begins. Though the game rewards consecutive combo hits, it is next to impossible to do anything due to the poor collision detection. Attacks that are nowhere near enemy characters will land, while kicks that were clearly to the head just don’t land. When a character is knocked to the ground, it is a crapshoot as to whether there will be frames of animation showing them getting up. Put simply, the combat in the game is broken.

Super Pillow Fight - Gamers Heroes

Despite going for a wacky angle, each of the 20 characters comes across as generic. Consisting of gorillas, voxel-based French Canadians, Japanese schoolgirls, and giant plush mascots, none really stand out. This extends to each moveset too – each character has a number of moves to choose from, but some of the button and stick maneuvers are a little unorthodox. Most characters seem to have some sort of fireball attack as well (whether it be pizza, a wrench, or a polygon), though it is far too easy to abuse. PF Summon attacks for each character are unbalanced too, with some doing far more damage than others. If people were looking for any semblance of balance, this is not the game to find it in.

There is no voice acting in each of the fights, but there is a Story Mode in the game that does. Made up of stills, the game piles on the cheese throughout, going for a tongue-in-cheek approach. Each chapter in the “1982 Women’s Pillow Fight Championship” in Boca Raton features the Slumber Sports Network, underwater pillow testing, the Pillowdyne corportation, and other goofiness. It’s entertaining, but there’s no denying how dumb it all is.

Outside of the Story Mode, there’s not much to do. A limited versus mode is available, though there are no options outside of having the computer battle itself. No online play is available either.

Super Pillow Fight takes a one-note joke and puts a price tag on it. It is not fun to play, and the lack of detail that went into its engine is apparent.

This review of Super Pillow Fight was done on the PC. A digital copy was purchased.
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