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Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown Review

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The world of Super Totally Ultimate Dads Showdown is a mixed bag. Some of the minigames are far better than others, but all those that bring some friends along can have some fun with this F2P title.

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Sandalled Socks will be your father figure with the release of their multiplayer dad-stravaganza Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown. Is this minigame collection fun for the whole family, or is it more unappealing than a dad bod?

Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown Review

Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown (or STUDS for short) let’s players live out their wildest fantasies…as a father. Taking on the mantle of dad jokes and grilling is no small feat, but one is able to out-do the other dads in a collection of three different events.

The first event, the Stroller Race, is a race to the finish between you and a number of other dads. With both a neighborhood and a downtown track to choose from, players must traverse a number of different hazards, go across a number of different checkpoints, and sabotage opponents through the use of trap crates.

This mode doesn’t have the tightest controls, but it doesn’t have to. The loose controls might be tricky when trying to land the perfect jump on a trampoline, but the loosy goosy nature adds to its charm. If anything, the fact that everybody else must wrestle with the controls makes for an even playing field.

The second game to make the round in STUDS is Shopping Spree. Transporting players to “The Dad Depot,” players will go wild in the aisles as they bum rush a store in search of the items on their shopping list. However, there are other dads who are on the hunt for the same things, and players must do everything in their power to come out ahead and stop the other dads right in their tracks.

Picking up items and rushing through this big box store manages to be a bit of a hassle; select forklifts must be moved, grabbing items feels awkward, and items like paint spills makes things that much trickier. The addition of shopping carts somewhat alleviates the pain, but it doesn’t prove to be enough to prevent it from feeling like a drag.

The final game in STUDS’ rotation is Penny Pincher, which places players against three AI kids. In true parenting fashion, it’s up to the dads to turn off devices that are running up the electric bill and the kids to keep the lights on.

Dads can keep the little ones in check by putting them in time out, but it often feels like the little ones have the advantage. When three of the little rapscallions are thrown into the mix, it can feel like a losing battle. Besides, turning off devices is about as fun as it sounds.

As is true with most multiplayer titles, this game becomes a lot more fun when some friends are brought along. This title supports Steam Remote Play, and there is a tutorial video to help players get set up. We were unable to test this functionality for this review, but it is still appreciated nonetheless.

The world of Super Totally Ultimate Dads Showdown is a mixed bag. Some of the minigames are far better than others, but all those that bring some friends along can have some fun with this F2P title.

This review of Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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