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This is the Police 2 Review

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Overall - 80%


Before the balance patch, I really did think the game was just too hard. However, if you are a fan of the first This is the Police you will enjoy the second game. If you didn't play the first entry and are looking for a cop simulation game, give This is the Police 2 a go.

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This Is The Police 2 looks to improve on all the aspects of the first game by adding new mission types and challenges. Does this sequel do enough to warrant a purchase, or should you just stick to the first game? Check out our review and find out.

This Is The Police 2 Review

This is the Police 2 takes place a little while after the original game. After a rather dark intro, you are introduced to the new sheriff who is clearly out of her depth. All the officers in the department don’t take her seriously or outright don’t listen to her. Enter Jack Boyd, the former police chief of Freeburg and the guy you played in the first game. Jack is arrested over a misunderstanding, and convinces Lilly, the new sheriff, that he can help her out by solving a case for her. Lilly is unsure at first, but after losing her right-hand man, she has little choice but to accept Jack’s help.

The core of the gameplay is very similar to the first entry. Each day, you will look at the city map and respond to calls as they come in. You choose which cops to send and how to handle each situation. Success will depend on if you choose the correct path and the officers stats at the time. You won’t get them all right, you just can’t, but the idea is to win more than you lose. Each one you win helps you earn more beer tabs, and each one you miss you lose beer tabs. The tabs are used to buy new equipment and officers.

The police force you inherit as Jack Boyd leaves much to be desired. Many officers don’t want to work with each other, don’t show up for work, show up for work drunk, or won’t listen to you. This can result in bad outcomes and even get some of your better officers killed in the line of duty. Thankfully, shortly after the game was released, they put out a balancing patch. Some officers still won’t work with each other or listen, but they buffed some of their stats and added another cop to your ranks. The game is still challenging, but this feels like a step in the right direction.

The biggest gripe I have with the game is the fact you can’t discipline anyone early on. Your officers outright disobey you and potentially get other officers killed, and you can’t fire them. I suppose this is because the police station only has about ten officers to begin with. There are officers you play within the tutorial that you can’t even use at the beginning, which doesn’t make much sense. It almost feels like the police station is split into two groups, but only your officers work. Considering the amount of crime that goes on in the city, you really should have more people to work with.

This Is The Police 2 Honest Review

One of the more significant new additions to This is the Police 2 can be found in the tactical missions. These are missions where you have to play on a map, which didn’t happen in the first game. These are generally hostage situations, bomb threats, or takedown missions. You manually control your officers and chose where they go. It’s split up into two turns: your turn, and the enemy turn. When you finish your turn, the bad guys move, and if you get caught, they will start shooting you or kill hostages. If you can sneak adequately, you can disable the bad guy and arrest them with no bloodshed. This is worth more points, and you don’t risk one of you officers lives. Be careful though; if an officer doesn’t respect you, they may go rogue and start shooting enemies.

Another change is the fact that each officer has specific stats. Every time they level up, you can assign one point to those stats. You can make them better negotiators, shooters, bomb diffusers, stronger, faster, or more stealthy. Each one affects different options during basic police calls and gives you perks for tactical missions. You can now also assign equipment to officers to use on missions. Sometimes you don’t have specific options unless you have that equipment on the officer that responds. Be careful though, as equipment runs out and you might need it down the line.

Before the balance patch, I really did think the game was just too hard. However, if you are a fan of the first This is the Police you will enjoy the second game. If you didn’t play the first entry and are looking for a cop simulation game, give This is the Police 2 a go.

This review of This is the Police 2 was done on the PC. A code was provided by the publisher.

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