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Toaster Jam Review

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Toaster Jam is a fun diversion, but it lacks the depth and content needed to keep players coming back. Flying around breakfast-themed environments can be fun, but this may have been better suited as an arcade or mobile title.

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As a brave little toaster (not that one), it’s up to players to fill their slots with bread in SnoutUp’s arcade-like puzzle game Toaster Jam. Does flying around at the speed of sound make for compelling gameplay, or is this carb-filled game filled with empty calories?

Toaster Jam Review

As this toaster does not have any arms or legs, the preferred method of travel for this metallic little guy is through propulsion. Players will aim where they want to go with the mouse, and then use the left button to time their trajectory. The ability to slow down time is there, as is the ability to adjust trajectory mid-air. It is still a fairly simple game, and the tutorial levels at the beginning will ease players into things quite well.

It works as it should, and adept players will be able to fly every which way to the golden piece of toast waiting for them at the end of each level. All shots fire in an arc though, which can sometimes make it difficult to judge where players should fire. When paired with elements like the “coffee break” stopper, the jam launchers, and the additional pieces of toast that give players the energy they need to fly, it features a fair amount of variety without being overwhelming.

Don’t be fooled though – Toaster Jam is a casual game through and through. Split across 40 levels, levels include elements like portals, sharp donuts and forks, keys and gates, and other tricky elements. Successfully completing a level takes a matter of seconds, but finding the best course of action takes a bit more time. There is occasionally a different way of doing things too, which is welcome for those who like some variety. Death is just a minor setback – it is fairly easy to jump right back into things and try once more.

Toaster Jam - Gamers Heroes

It’s just a shame that this is a fairly short title. Despite the fact that there are endless levels with bagels and forks that have players flying through different environments, we were able to finish its collection of levels in around 30 minutes. There are promises of additional content, so time will tell how much more this game will deliver.Players can increase their rank and can also improve upon their best time, but the end result feels more like a diversion when all is said and done.

For the creative types among us, Steam Workshop support is available. There are not too many options to explore, but the feature is welcome. A level editor is also included, but don’t expect to make anything overly complex. There are also alternate toasters that can be unlocked, though these characters are only different cosmetically.

Toaster Jam is a fun diversion, but it lacks the depth and content needed to keep players coming back. Flying around breakfast-themed environments can be fun, but this may have been better suited as an arcade or mobile title.

This review of Toaster Jam was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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