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Tyrant’s Blessing Review

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Overall - 80%


Tyrant's Blessing is a fun tactical game that tasks players with controlling their opponents as much as destroying them. If you're a fan of tactics titles, add it to your queue.

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After a successful Steamfest demo, the full release of Mercury Game Studio and Freedom Games’ Tyrant’s Blessing is finally here. Is the game worth picking up, or should you look elsewhere for your tactical fix?

Tyrant’s Blessing Review

Tyrant’s Blessing begins with a brief tutorial on how to play that also introduces a few of its characters. The Tyrant has taken over the kingdom, and it is up to you and your party to defeat him. Lyndal serves as your first party leader, a former queen of the area with a dragon friend. Just note that most of its story comes from moments in camp between battles.

Tyrants-Blessing game review

While players start with only four party members, more unlock in due time. Teams always consist of four units, made up of three heroes and one pet. You are allowed to pick, but cannot switch mid-game unless one of your other characters asks to join. If even one character dies before the end, it is back to the start – but you can change your party. Put simply, finding a group that works well together is crucial.

Much like Into The Breach or Final Fantasy Tactics, combat places a focus on damage and moving enemies around the battlefield. One must always have them hit one other while avoid getting hit; canceling and moving enemies can prove to be more critical than simply doing damage. Be warned, though; enemies have lives that require multiple kills. A good party is fun, but a lousy party makes you want to quit.

Mid-run, players can upgrade characters with stats, items, and guardian’s blessings. The only thing you bring back with you from each run are achievements; starting over loses all stats, gold, and items. It works because it means you never need to hoard items for another run. However, the only permanent progression is in new characters, which isn’t overly appealing. Once you unlock everyone, there’s no big reason to go back.

Tyrants-Blessing honest review

Achievement hunters best start on easy rack up as many as possible. Each level is small and self-contained, with the average run clocking in at around 30-45 minutes. Turns can be reset on easy and medium, which is also helpful. Some levels have traps and weapons for you to use against enemies, but you can also hurt yourself. Others have NPCs that might help out, but they never permanently join.

Unfortunately most of the early levels repeat far too often. There are some variations, but expect to start over quite a bit. Get ready to save Freya, the farmer, and the cannons a lot. It does give you a chance to master each level, but it is still annoying nonetheless. Thankfully no bugs or crashes impeded by process through multiple playthroughs.

Tyrant’s Blessing is a fun tactical game that tasks players with controlling their opponents as much as destroying them. If you’re a fan of tactics titles, add it to your queue.

This review of Tyrant’s Blessing was done on the PC. A digital code was provided by the publisher.
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