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Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review – A New Adventure

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While the story is a bit on the shorter side, it doesn't fall into the trap of overstaying its welcome. If you are a fan of Uncharted, third person shooters, or just great actions games, pick up Uncharted: The Lost Legacy without any hesitation.

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After wrapping up Nathan Drake’s story in Uncharted 4, The Lost Legacy continues the adventure with different characters from the series. Does The Lost Legacy live up to the Uncharted name, or should you avoid this trip altogether? Check out this review to find out.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy stars series veteran Chloe Frazer and relative newcomer Nadine Ross. The two team up to track down a treasure known as the Tusk of Ganesha. However, they are not the only two hunting for the treasure. In fact, in order to find the clue needed to locate the Tusk, they have to steal from a man known as Asav. Asav is an opportunist who profits off wars, and is currently in India also trying to find clues about the Tusk. Shortly after Nadine and Chloe meet, they have a run in with Asav, and you get a general idea of what type of man he is. You also find out that he has a massive army at his back and will be dealing with his troops on your hunt for the Tusk. The story will run you around 5-8 hours, depending on the difficulty and how much treasure hunting you do.

The general gameplay is similar to other games in the series. You do a lot of climbing, a lot of shooting, and some puzzle solving. There is an open world exploration part early in the game, which is easily the best par. You get to find hidden treasures and complete objectives how you see fit. Sadly this is only in the early part of the game, and the rest of the game follows the typical Uncharted formula of linearity with minor detours for small treasures. The game also has plenty of action heavy moments with tons of explosions, plenty of game fights, and of course, an epic train battle. Even though it all feels pretty similar to other Uncharted games, it doesn’t feel stale. Chloe also likes to take pictures, and Uncharted is one of the best game to take screenshots.

One of the things that Naughty Dog does best is character development and character interaction. Unlike Nathan and Sully, Chloe and Nadine start off a bit tense. Chloe is much more laid back and Nadine has a more serious tone – she wants to get down to business and just wants to get it over with. Chloe tries to break the ice by joking and making light of bad situations early on, but Nadine isn’t really having it. As you progress, they open up to each other and the conversation gets much more playful and pleasant. Through these conversations, you learn about Chloe and her dad and Nadine and Shoreline. There are also conversations about Nathan Drake and Rafe during Chloe and Nadine’s adventuring time. By the end of the adventure, Chloe and Nadine’s relationship felt as strong as any partnership before it.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Honest Review

For a game like uncharted, pacing is really important. You don’t want to be bogged down with too much platforming or too much gun play at once. The Lost Legacy pretty much hits the nail on the hunt with pacing. You are constantly switching between platforming, story bits, and fights with enemies. Thanks to the grappling hook and climbing hook, there is some added variation to the platforming. When it comes to combat, there are some new weapons that made it in from multiplayer that you didn’t get to use in Uncharted 4. Chloe can also pick locks, so exploring around before combat will net you rare weapons and treasure. There is an option for auto aim in combat as well, making it easier for anyone who is not a straight shot. Some people might hate that, but I think it’s important to make the game more accessible to everyone, and The Lost Legacy makes it very easy to pick up and play.

Multiplayer and Survival are also included in The Lost Legacy. Any of the gear, coins, and outfits you unlock in Uncharted 4 will transfer over into The Lost Legacy multiplayer. If you played either of these in Uncharted 4 you already know what to expect. Multiplayer has you facing off against other players in team based killing matches or objective based matches. You can do this in ranked or normal matches. Survival is all about teaming up with other players and taking down waves of enemies, and surviving, if you couldn’t gather that from the name of the mode. There are new stages and outfits that come with the Lost Legacy as well, but from what I read these are also available in the base game of Uncharted 4.

While the story is a bit on the shorter side, it doesn’t fall into the trap of overstaying its welcome. If you are a fan of Uncharted, third person shooters, or just great actions games, pick up Uncharted: The Lost Legacy without any hesitation.

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