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Venture Kid Review

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Venture Kid is a solid enough tribute to Mega Man, but it could have used a bit more polish to really stand out. It’s not a bad game, but rather an uninspired one.

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Snikkabo AS and FDG Entertainment pay tribute to Capcom’s Mega Man with the release of the retro throwback Venture Kid. This hero might steal a number of moves from the blue bomber, but can he stand toe-to-toe with this platforming legend?

Venture Kid Review

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As one would expect from a game like this, there’s an evil bad guy that needs to be stopped. Claiming his space fortress will preserve the peace, the nefarious Teklov is up to no good. It’s up to Andy to save the day, completing levels and shooting down the bad guys in the process. It’s pure fluff, and outside of some pixelated stills, there’s not much plot to speak of. Then again, this is one game that doesn’t need a verbose story.

To save the day, Andy must traverse through a series of levels set in volcanoes, factories, cities, and even space. Each is filled with a number of enemies that have a distinct attack pattern, and a boss awaits at the end of every stage. It follows the same format as Mega Man, right down to the screen transitions and one hit spike deaths. Though it may not be as precise as Mega Man’s offerings, the platforming engine gets the job done here.

Perhaps the biggest thing lifted from Capcom’s game are the weapons Andy can equip. The standard pea shooter is exactly the same as the mega buster, but weapons can be earned at the end of each stage. Though players will start out with simple boomerangs and rockets, their repertoire will soon include freeze blasts, double jumps, and even shields. It’s unfortunate that things like said double jump are tied to a meter, but it is still a welcome addition. Some abilities can also be used to aid in platforming, with some parts of each level designed for it.

Venture Kid - Gamers Heroes

Most stages are straightforward affairs, though there are some things to be found off the beaten path. Extra lives are a given, but there are also a number of hidden treasures to be found. Though the game can be completed in a little more than an hour, there is certainly incentive to keep playing for those who want to 100% it. A save system is also present, so players won’t have to resort to trying to do everything in one go.

If there is one downside to this game, it’s the fact that some levels were designed better than others. We occasionally found ourselves in unwinnable situations by using things like one-time bombs too early, forcing us to kill ourselves to get back to a previous state. Enemies and bosses are rarely cheap, but there seems to be a lack of challenge in these fights, even on normal (a hard mode is available).

Venture Kid is a solid enough tribute to Mega Man, but it could have used a bit more polish to really stand out. It’s not a bad game, but rather an uninspired one.

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