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Wheelchair Simulator Review

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Overall - 40%


Wheelchair Simulator has got a good heart, but it is simply too frustrating to play. Those looking for a touching story can find it here, but don’t be surprised if you want to smash your monitor in frustration before it is over.

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ViRa Games offers a new take on life with their new title Wheelchair Simulator. Tasking players with thinking of things from a different perspective, should you try your hand at wheeling around its cavalcade of challenges?

Wheelchair Simulator Review

As one would expect, players will take control of a man in a wheelchair as they set out to reach the finish line of each level. Though this goal may seem straightforward, a number of obstacles stand between your way. Even the early stages throw you to the wolves, with players navigating their chair through traffic, garbage-spewing trucks, and gaggles of pedestrians. One wrong move and your character will ragdoll their way to defeat.

On that note, expect to see your character fall out of his chair at almost every turn. It doesn’t even take that much to fall over; simply hitting a rock or a tree branch can force players to do a section over once more. Even adjusting the sensitive camera the wrong way while using the WASD keys can make everything go topsy turvy – it often feels cheap. This is done to make a statement regarding the difficulties that those bound to wheelchairs face on a daily basis, but it does not translate to fair or enjoyable gameplay.

The challenge of this game is steep, and only ramps up from there. Trying to navigate planks of wood or train tracks might seem interesting, but when the path is narrow and trains arrive every couple of seconds, it proves to be more frustrating than fair. Checkpoints are available, but expect a number of cheap shots in the form of speedy cars and instantly spawning assets.

Wheelchair Simulator - Gamers Heroes

To guide you on your journey, Dmytro Schebetyuk narrates your goings on while sharing his own experiences. There are a number of straightforward “Story” levels that focus more on him telling of his previous experiences, which serve as a stark contrast to the zany aspects the game throws at you. During the numbered levels, however, he is quick to throw barbs amidst the odd word of encouragement. It oftentimes feels like he takes his anger at life out on the player through each failure you may come across.

Those looking to stretch the game out can collect coins in each level, earn up to three stars on each stage, and can also find hidden statues. It’s not the longest game around once you know which way to go, but these added features go a long way. Just be mindful of the wonky engine – we would oftentimes fall into the ground or high above the stars with the slightest provocation.

Wheelchair Simulator has got a good heart, but it is simply too frustrating to play. Those looking for a touching story can find it here, but don’t be surprised if you want to smash your monitor in frustration before it is over.

This review of Wheelchair Simulator was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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