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Zombie Bitcoin Defense Review

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Overall - 40%


Zombie Bitcoin Defense fails to bring anything new to the horde-based shooter genre, proving to be more generic than a B-movie romp.

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The undead horde meets the world of cryptocurrency in NOHAM Games’ new wave-based shooter Zombie Bitcoin Defense. Giving players the chance to mine for cryptocurrency between bouts, should players enter this gory blockchain world?

Zombie Bitcoin Defense Review

There’s certainly no rest for the weary in this top-down shooter. Players take control of a nameless, faceless grunt, one with only a pistol and 50 Bitcoin to his name. The ultimate goal is to survive through 40 waves of the undead. There are a few different zombie types to fight against – including a handful of bosses – but the time-tested strategy of blasting everything that moves and collecting glowing power-ups along the way rings true. It’s not deep, but the WASD movements and mouse bindings will make sense to even the most green of gamers.

Amidst the rotting flesh of the undead lies a number of Bitcoin currency for some reason. Also for some unknown reason, computer terminal can be found in the middle of the city square that allows players to buy a number of weapons, ammo, barricades, and turrets. It’s your typically currency system found in horde-based shooters, though players can also upgrade their rig with Bitcoin to mine even more Bitcoin. It’s not bad, but rather uninspired. The same goes with its stylings – everything takes place on a nondescript map that lacks color, landmarks, or anything else that could have helped it stand out.

Zombie Bitcoin Defense - Gamers Heroes

It’s just a shame that Zombie Bitcoin Defense’s gameplay is borderline broken. If players are unfortunate enough to be grazed by a zombie, their walking speed is slowed to a crawl. When mobs of more than 10 zombies are on your tail, and additional zombies spawn from different sides of the screen, it proves to be nigh impossible to progress. Players can create barricades and set up turrets that can be leveled up with Bitcoin, but there is a grind to even get to that level in the first place.As a result, success comes from dumb luck rather than careful planning.

Players can also cheese their way to victory by grinding. A leveling system is in place, one that carries over between playthroughs. With each level, players are given points that they can spend on a skill tree. Perks are fairly straightforward – one may make your pistol fire faster, while another increases your overall health. Most players will likely be stuck on one of the first waves until they kill enough zombies to break the game.

Outside of the main mode, an Endless mode is also available. What you see is what you get – there is no end in sight, but there also is no waves or bosses either. Guns are also randomized and ammo is unlimited. Though it changes things up, repetition quickly sets in this mode as well.

Zombie Bitcoin Defense fails to bring anything new to the horde-based shooter genre, proving to be more generic than a B-movie romp.

This review of Zombie Bitcoin Defense was done on PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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