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A New Low for Call of Duty Franchise

Sexism from Modern Warfare 3's facebook page
537106_560123920673504_1542747296_nIt is no secret that Call of Duty is a game that is surrounded by male machismo. Multiple pieces have been done in the past cataloging male gamers over Xbox Live, how they treat each other and how they treat their female counterparts in this game. But today when I loaded up my Facebook page my jaw dropped. Whoever is managing Modern Warfare 3’s Facebook page posted the picture to the left called “Call of Duty: Women Edition”.

The picture depicts a video game cover box and has the words “Call of Duty: Women Edition.” On the box it has a picture of sandwich materials, a picture of a kitchen and a picture of a mop bucket. I have seen pictures like this in the past from some of my friends or acquaintances on different social media sites. However, what I did not expect is a company or business to post a picture that is out-and-out sexist.

I am not trying to speak for women, nor do I want to speak for women, but this just seems kind of wrong to me. The video game industry is already wrapped in a sexist overtone. I am hard pressed to find a single AAA company that has a women as their spokesperson or as their company head. Women gamers more and more are starting to take up a bigger share of the video games market. In a world where a women video gamer has to “prove her video game worth” by answering video game questions or getting a high kill streak why does the Facebook manager for Modern Warfare 3 page think this is ok?

It just feels like this is perpetuating a sexist feeling around Activision’s game. Why wouldn’t people want to be as accepting as possible to all players? Do they really just not care about the female demographic? Maybe I am just overly sensitive and maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed to be able to think that this kind of post is funny. I just don’t see what anyone has to gain economically, or in any way for that matter, from posting something like this to their community.

What do you guys think? Am I just being overly sensitive? Hit us up in the comments below and tell us what you think about the subject! I will be hanging around in the comments to hear your feedback.

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