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PS4 VS Xbox One: Which is Coming Out First?

Ps4 V Xbone

The E3 dust has settled and we now know the price points of both systems, but neither of the release dates. Microsoft said November and Sony just kind of left us lingering for the time being. So which console will hit first?

What We know


As stated above Microsoft said they would be launching sometime in November, very likely before Black Friday. Xbox 360 beat the PS3 to the punch and had some big success doing it. The biggest issue they had at launch was the red ring of death and for the most part that has been fixed. An issue they are going to have to deal with this time around is their higher price point of $499. With the amount of exclusives they are bringing to the table that price is completely justifiable, but will games be enough to sell the system at 100$ more?

Sony hasn’t been clear about their release date but we all assume it will be before Black Friday. Sony saw first hand what a lower price point and earlier release date can do to a system early in the cycle last gen, and they still feel it to this day. Sony already took charge by making the price point of the PS4 $100 cheaper and allowing used games to be playable from the get go (Yes I know Microsoft went back on what they said and used games will be playable on the Xbox one). They are in a unique spot with a huge amount of hype right now, so assuming there isn’t some catastrophic failure in the PS4 they could be poised to win the early game. Still by comparison to Microsoft the games lineup isn’t as good which could be an issue for some.

What Our Editors Think


I decided to get the opinion of our editors for this one since it’s all just speculation at the moment.

Captain Camper
PS4 will release first because they’ve already got the price advantage. Early release advantage will clinch the deal for most people.

Ryan McBride
Sony because they got burned last generation and they don’t want that to happen again. It really seemed like they learned from their mistakes.

Casey Scheld
PS4 because Xbox One is going to be hit by delays. The Xbox One will still launch before Black Friday but PS4 will be first.

Johnny Hurricane
I think this could go one of two ways. Either a PS4 just straight up launches first or they go straight for the throat of Microsoft and launch on the same day. Yes Sony would miss out on some consumers that prefer the Xbox One to the PS4, but with a lower price point and “unlimited pre-orders” at GameStop they could steal a ton of Microsoft consumers as well. Still of the two options It seems more likely PS4 will just launch earlier and take whatever extra they can get.

We all agree that the PS4 will launch first. What about you which one do you think is coming out first? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Johnny Hurricane

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