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Black Powder Ultra Review – A Fuel For Gamers Or Advertising Gimmick?

Black Powder Ultra Review
You’re probably a little confused to find a workout product review on a gaming website, however Black Powder Ultra is not your typical supplement. It has been specifically designed with gamers in mind but does it offer genuine results for us armchair warriors or is it just a shallow advertisement ploy?

I’ll explain a little regarding my personal background to better explain the effects Black Powder Ultra had on my experience. I’m in my mid 20s and I’ve been working as a gaming journalist for the last 5 years. During that time I’ve spent practically every day sitting on my backside eating anything quick and tasty and drowning myself in high-sugar energy drinks. My spare time outside of work was mostly spent continuing minimal activity while enjoying my favorite PC and console titles. As you can imagine prolonged exposure to the rather exciting lifestyle of a lazy gaming journalist can soon have a negative impact on ones health. Couple this with some rather crazy weekends on the town and eating takeaway pizzas at every opportunity and I was on a sure track to a cholesterol overdose.

Black Powder Ultra ReviewIt was only recently that I noticed the negative effect my lifestyle has had and since then I’ve been determined to get myself back into shape. Shortly after I was offered an opportunity to review Black Powder Ultra.

I started following a very basic workout routine, working out 3 days a week for about 2 hours a day. I also took up real football, yes real football, not that American crap. I alternated with each session, using the pre-workout Black Powder Ultra every other workout. I was actually really surprised to discover the formula actually seemed to work. I’m not going to pretend to understand the science behind any of it but I cannot argue with real results.

During the routines that didn’t involve the Black Powder Ultra I found my stamina lacking after about 40 minutes, with an obvious decline in performance for the remainder of the session. However, the sessions using the pre-workout formula presented entirely different results. Again my stamina started to let me down after about 40 minutes but within 5-10 minutes I felt as fresh as I did at the start. The same results applied during my time on the football pitch. I continued to drink throughout the match as the container suggests and almost as soon as I felt the need to take a breather, I was back at full strength.

Black Powder Ultra ReviewI even tried a placebo test in which two containers of the drink were created, one with the recommended concentrated dose and the other with enough to match the flavor. The results showed that I was clearly able to differentiate between the two which leads me to believe it’s actually a product that does what it says on the tin.

When used while gaming I found that it provided a little too much energy. I used the same dose that I used while exercising but due to the fact I wasn’t actually doing anything physical, I just felt like I had to get up and run somewhere. It kept me going, I gamed for hours on end without the need for a break, but I’d probably suggest a lower dose if you’re actually trying to compete. Otherwise you may find yourself feeling immortal but with a less than desirable K/D ratio at the end of a match.

Black Powder Ultra works and considering it’s a fitness/health product, it actually tastes good. I reviewed the Melon flavor although others are available. Currently at $59.99 per tub, gamers will get 4-6 weeks from each purchase, depending on the extent of the routine. Personally I feel it’s a little on the expensive side and that’s literally the only thing stopping me from being a regular user. It’s not a miracle product and it doesn’t offer false promises of instant abs but if you’re looking for a little something to support your willpower, it’s not a bad choice to make.

For more information on Black Powder Ultra, including the science behind the product, visit the official website.

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