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A4Tech Bloody Multi-Core Gun3 V7 Mouse Review

A4Tech Bloody Multi-Core Gun3 V7 Review
Anybody who’s anybody has a mouse on their desktop computer — playing games and browsing the Internet with just a keyboard is just not the same. However, gaming mouses hope to give gamers an edge over those still rocking that crusty eMachines relic they picked up at the Goodwill. A4Tech approached Gamers Heroes about their new Bloody V7-PRO/Multi-Core Gun3 Gaming Mouse, boldly claiming that it offers a higher headshot rate than the rest. Is this mouse really the big cheese?

As a console gamer born and raised, it took me some time to realize the benefits a mouse like the V7 can offer. It certainly feels better, with rubberized side grips and a nifty track wheel with just the right grooves. It even has a nice glow on both the Bloody hand print logo and the wheel. Looks aren’t everything, but the mouse certainly makes a nice impression at first glance.

The big hook the V7 claims to offer is its “Multi-Core System.” Serving as a variable auto-fire, triple clicks are available at the push of a button. It certainly offered me an advantage in FPS games like Team Fortress 2, but trying to utilize it in the top-down kill-a-thon Hotline Miami left me in a pool of blood within seconds. One can easily see that this feature was implemented for FPS fans looking to increase their K/D ratio, and for that, it succeeds.

Of course, one can also tweak the sensitivity and firing intervals as well. Though no driver is needed, there is also a menu that allows for specific customization per game for factors including (but not limited to): shooting intervals, strafe, sensitivity, and even style. A number of different styles can be saved, making it easy to jump between titles.

The Bloody mouse is perfect for FPS fans, but even those hoping to dabble in different genres will get something out of it. The bells and whistles are nice for those who want them, but the comfort and style of the base model is something that anybody can enjoy.

Gamers Heroes’ honest review of the A4Tech mouse was tested on a PC. A review model was offered to us by the company.

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