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EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

Jerky, gloves, sticks…it appears there’s gaming paraphernalia for just about everything nowadays. However, if one item in particular stands above others in its useful application, it’s the ol’ favorite, the chair. For our EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair review, we won’t go into the long and fabled history of chairs and, well, sitting on chairs, but we will tell you whether this $259 product is a worthwhile investment.

EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

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EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

Available in a flurry of colors, including blue, red, white black and orange, the Calling Series is a mid-range office chair targeting the gaming audience with its durability and high comfort levels. Unless you won the lottery or got lucky panning for gold, a nearly $260 investment in a chair may seem a little pricey. Despite this, it is not your ordinary chair.

Straight out of the box, EW Racing’s Calling Series feels very familiar to competitors products in the range. It’s packed in a single, large box, one that houses the base, the seat, and the backrest. All of the tools required are included, and it even comes with a few spare screws to boot. I think. Maybe. There’s a very good chance I missed some screws, but let’s go with the spares idea.

When it comes to putting things together…I don’t. I once tried to clean my PC, used the wrong plug when setting it back up, and blew the power supply. The last set of shelves I put up on the wall are sitting in pieces about five feet lower to the ground than what they were, saddened and lonely at the lack of attention, and the kids playhouse should be condemned. That being said, my experience with the EWin Racing Calling Series was a pleasurable one. Nay, it was an outright win!

I was able to put the chair together in about 15 minutes without any worries or injuries, much to the surprise of everyone else at home. Once assembled, it was perfectly sturdy and able to support the weight of both children spinning on it wildly. A word of advice: I’d set the chair up in the room you intend to put it in. That’s probably something the average person would do without thinking, but not me. It’s heavy. While that’s not a good thing when you’re lifting it up two flights of stairs, it really lends to the overall quality feel of the product.

EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

Typically I tend to avoid direct comparisons when writing product reviews, but the similarities between the EWin Racing Calling Series and the Secret Lab Titan, that I reviewed a short time ago, are too obvious to ignore. Everything from the packaging to the setup, it’s all very similar. Both PC gaming chairs are constructed in a very similar manner, they are equally sturdy and stylish, but one sits at $399 and the other at $259, so which has more bang for your buck?

Comparing the two prices, it wouldn’t be unfair to consider the EWin Racing Calling Series the budget version of the two, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s incredibly comfortable, the adjustable lumbar support is much more flexible than than the Titan as it can be adjusted to any height level on your back, and the supporting cushion is just as useful. I did find the base of the seat to be a little on the thin side in terms of width, but that’s more a personal problem than a design problem. I’m still carrying some holiday weight, okay? So if you’re not having to shop for XXL t-shirts, you won’t have any problems.

The main difference of quality between the Titan and EWin’s Calling Series is the leather. The Titan’s feels better, breathes better and honestly, it looks better. However, if given the choice between the two chairs, EWin’s wins every time.

It’s far better value for money. The cheaper option of having an external lumbar support actually makes for a more versatile and user-friendly product, and it looks great. $259 for a chair is a lot of money but if cared for, the Calling Series gaming chair is sturdy enough to last you a lifetime.

My only serious complaint: None of these gaming chairs seem to come with brakes.

EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

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