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Logitech m320 Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech m320 Wireless Mouse Review

Whether you use a laptop or a desktop, a mouse is essential to a gamer. Is the Logitech m320 wireless mouse worth picking up or should you look elsewhere? Check out our Logitech m320 wireless mouse and make your choice.

Once I got the mouse getting it working was easy. I just put the battery into the mouse, plugged it into my laptop and turned it on and voila, it was good to go. The battery claims that it will last two years and so far I’ve been going strong for two weeks with no issues. When I say issues I don’t mean just on the battery; no issues period. It only has the two main buttons and a middle wheel so if you like the side buttons avoid this. You can get it in four different colors, red, blue, black and white. The mouse is comfortable and doesn’t strain your hand after prolonged use.

I used it while I was playing League of Legends, Word of Warcraft and Costume Quest 2. The mouse worked best for League since I only have to move my character and two buttons were enough. Costume Quest didn’t really need much mouse movement so it was fine for that game as well. With World of Warcraft, I had a few issues because I have a few shortcuts on my other mouse. If you don’t use shortcut buttons then you won’t have any issues.

Personally, I like to have a few extra shortcuts on my mouse so I wouldn’t buy this primarily for gaming. If you aren’t a gamer though, the mouse is pretty cheap and it works so give it a try. It IS a right handed mouse for anyone who is left handed.

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