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LucidSound LS10X Wired Gaming Headset Review

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Currently on sale for $35, the LucidSound LS10X is an insanely good deal for a headset. Would I record my YouTube videos with it? No. That being said, this seems to be a good deal for gaming on consoles for anyone who doesn't want to go wireless.

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There are hundreds of different headsets on the market today – what does the LucidSound LS10X Wired Gaming Headset bring to the table? Before you put your hard-earned dough on the line, scope out our review to see if these cans are worth their asking price.

LS10X Wired Gaming Headset Review

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With about four weeks of use, I encountered no issues with the LucidSound LS10X. Playtime was done on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on the Nintendo Switch as well. Note that it does not use a USB setup, so I wouldn’t recommend it for PC for that reason and because the cord is short (more than enough for a controller to a head). I rarely review headsets, so don’t expect the finer points of dynamic range or any other fancy audiophile terminology.

Since I run a video game website and a YouTube channel, I often have a headset on. On average, my sessions with the headset were about four hours, but I did a couple of days at roughly eight to ten hours for coverage. I never ran into any discomfort; no pinching, no headaches, no top-of-the-head indents, or anything like that. I also wear glasses and have had plenty of headsets that hurt my ears due to the pressure between my ears and the ear muffs. However, there were no issues whatsoever when it came to their comfort.

LS10X Wired Gaming Headset honest review

As for sound and mic quality, it was a step up from my last headset – at least according to my PSN party. They could hear more of me and less of the background, which is always a plus. I used to have issues with the balance between game and party chat with my last headset, but not here. It was nice to be able to hear my party’s call out and the enemy’s footsteps and abilities.

For multiplayer games, I used the LucidSound LS10X for Overwatch, Smite, and Apex Legends. Smite didn’t make much of a difference, since it was mostly muscle memory at this point. Although I haven’t played Overwatch in a year, the headset made me realize you are at a considerable disadvantage without decent headphones. Being able to hear abilities through walls and over arches makes a huge difference. Little rat McCree players not getting the drop on me anymore with “it’s high noon” was worth the price of admission alone. The same applies to Apex Legends; I was able to hear footsteps more clearly.

LS10X Wired Gaming Headset honest review

I typically don’t use headsets for single-player games, but I just had to try out The Witcher 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. In the case of the latter and its bangin’ soundtrack, the audio was crystal clear – even with all the chaos going on at any given time. Seriously, play with six people and see for yourself.

My experience with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wasn’t so much the music, but its ambient background and directional audio. I played the game in first person, so hearing something run up behind you is a lot better than waiting to get hit in the back. The same obviously applies to Apex Legends, but I’m way more alert in a game like that. It also helped me find an NPC I doubt would have heard otherwise.

The mute button is up on the headphone itself, and you push in a button to turn it on. It is also where the branding is, which is attached via a magnet. That part can come off pretty easily (and has the potential to be lost), but the mute button works without it. The mic is also detachable, so be careful if you remove it; I can easily see someone losing that as well.

Currently on sale for $35, the LucidSound LS10X is an insanely good deal for a headset. Would I record my YouTube videos with it? No. That being said, this seems to be a good deal for gaming on consoles for anyone who doesn’t want to go wireless.

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