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Nom Nom Nom – GamerGrub Review

They’ll sell you a gaming mouse that turns you into a beast, a macro’d up keyboard that can turn you into an MMO god and even glasses that are supposed to help you game, but have we been skipping the far more simple option of gaming snacks? We usually avoid product reviews here at Gamers Heroes, mainly because companies refuse to let you review a product unless you agree to giving a certain rating. However, sometimes there’s a product that pops up that requires some attention. So in true Gamers Heroes fashion, here’s an honest product review of Gamer Grub, no bribery and no promises. We’ll let you know if it’s worth your buck, and we’ll be honest about it.

What Is GamerGrub?

Good question, and one I imagine many people would ask when told a snack has been invented aimed specifically at gamers. It’s advertised as a performance snack for multi-tasking gamers that allows them to eat on the go without the horrible problem of sticky fingers or dirty keyboards. It comes in handy little packets with a resealable top and the popular Tear ‘N Tilt feature that removes the need to touch anything with your hands. Each flavor is packaged the same, a variety of nuts, crisp looking things, and other snack mix pieces that combine to offer the full flavor.

It also mentions on the website that it’s packed with essential vitamins and neurotransmitters, designed to improve game performance. I’m a gamer, I know the basics of Biology and other sciences but my knowledge is limited, so when I attempted to research neurotransmitters to see if the claims could be true, I was met with this:

“Neurotransmitters are endogenous chemicals that transmit signals from a neuron to a target cell across a synapse. Neurotransmitters are packaged into synaptic vesicles clustered beneath the membrane in the axon terminal, on the presynaptic side of a synapse.”

Sorry, what? So I decided against trying to prove or disprove Gamer Grubs claims from a scientific point of view, and just decided to do it in the best way I know how. Kill stuff on COD without GamerGrub and then with, GamerGrub.

The Scientific-ish Approach

So there I was, chilling on my couch with a couple of bags of GamerGrub at hand. I loaded up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on my PS3 and prepared for a 5 hour marathon. This is where my scientific approach as a gamer failed, I played 2.5 hours before consuming any GamerGrub and 2.5 hours after consuming it. However, with the dozens of variables involved in each game, it’s practically impossible to gauge for sure that anything I was doing was even remotely plausible. There’s different maps, my opponents, their builds and perks, lag, and all sorts of other variable to take into account. So although my K/D ratio was noticeably higher after consuming the GamerGrub snack, this could be put down to many reasons and would not stand as definite findings in a lab full of science geeks. Anyone that’s curious, my K/D ratio before GamerGrub was 1.4, after was 2.1, over the course of the two 2.5 hour periods. You can refrain from the “You suck at COD comments”, it’s a well known fact.

The Flavors

I got a packet of each flavor of GamerGrub, with 4 currently being available. The first of the flavors that I tried was Smores. Being a simple English man from a tiny island, I had no clue what Smores was. As I didn’t want to just throw any random stuff down my throat, I Googled it and discovered it’s a famous campfire snack that could have been invented by the girl scouts. Feeling slightly more educated, I tucked into my first bag of Smores and to my surprise, found them delicious, despite the fact I hate marshmallow. For me, the Smores flavor would fit perfectly as a late night snack if I had a case of the munchies. It’s sweet and goes down easy, offering an easy alternative to walking down the shop for some chocolate or digging through the cupboards for 30 minutes hoping to find a bar of caramel that I’d forgotten about.

The second flavor I devoured was PB & J. Again I was quite surprised as the thought of putting Peanut Butter and Jam (Jelly for our overseas friends) into the same sandwich made me physically ill. So, squinting slightly and worried about the aftermath, I took a mouth full. Just as with the Smores flavor, I was really impressed at the sweet taste and soft texture. I think a bit of credit is due here. Despite the fact that I have dozens of American friends, work with American Journalists everyday and even have American members in my family, I’ve never once been convinced to actually try a legitimate PB & J sandwich, but my experience with GamerGrub has actually opened me to a whole new world of American food habits and I am now officially a lover of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich club.

The third flavor and the one I was probably most curious about, Pizza. How do you take loads a snack mix and make it taste like pizza? Sadly, I can’t really say it tasted like pizza, it was more of a cheese and tomato taste. I suppose you could argue that the majority of a pizza consists of cheese and tomato, but I was hoping for maybe a peperoni and mushroom twist to it. The pizza flavor is probably the easiest on the palette, it doesn’t leave a strong aftertaste and isn’t very sweet, this is probably the only one of the GamerGrub snacks I could eat first thing in the morning.

I saved my personal favorite until last. I’m a huge BBQ fan, I have BBQ sauce on practically everything so I’d consider myself an unlicensed expert when it comes to evaluating a BBQ product. It’s sad but anyone that has been out with me to a meal would have heard me moan about BBQ plenty of times. 95% of restaurants that offer BBQ sauce give you this overly sweet stuff that gets sickly after a couple of mouthfuls, while the rest offer you stuff that tastes strangely close to burnt meat. However, GamerGrub actually managed to capture the essence of BBQ flavor by combining a slightly sweet flavor with a bit of spice. It sounds quite strange writing it down, but it was easily my favorite flavor of the 4 and probably the one I would buy most often. A must try for any meat loving men that can’t be bothered to slave away behind a BBQ all day..I probably could have reworded that bit a little better.

Would I Buy GamerGrub?

In short, yes. The only negative aspect is that I would have to order it online as it’s not stocked nearby. But if my local supermarket sold it, I’d put a box in my trolly every week. Overall, I cannot say for sure that GamerGrub will improve your game performance. But what I can say, every flavor tastes awesome and I’d much rather tear open a bag during loading times than wander into the kitchen and spend 20 minutes cooking food. I guess in a way you could look at it like this: more time gaming = less time cooking = better at game. You can justify to yourself that it helps with gaming, or even tell your parents it will help you concentrate on your homework, but the number 1 reason I’d buy GamerGrub, it tastes better than anything I can cook. If it’s something you think you’ll enjoy eating, use the promo code “BLAINE” to get 10% off.

And for a limited time, GamerGrub are hosting a Sticker Slap Sweepstakes. Head on over to their Sticker Slap Sweepstakes page and enter your details for a free sticker. Then all you have to do is take a photo of the sticker somewhere epic and post it on their Facebook page for a chance to win gaming gear and free GamerGrub.

Where to buy GamerGrub

Disclaimer: Product was received for free for review. Author did freelance work for Gamer Grub for a short time. This disclaimer was added June 2019. Apologies for the massive delay on our part, was one of many things lost in the shuffle after our previous site redesign.

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