Gamers Heroes Live Stream Schedule

Gamers Heroes Live Stream

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Welcome to the Gamers Heroes Live Stream Schedule. Every week we push out tons of unique content on our Twitch.TV channel including everything from the latest releases, to regular MMO coverage and the hottest indie game live streams.

We also announce all of our streaming events on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Tuesday 6PM EST Adventure Diaries (Lasts around 1 hour per session)
Adventure Diaries
Every Tuesday the Gamers Heroes editors jump aboard an MMORPG and share their journey to maximum level (or boredom, whatever comes first). Currently we’re going to be playing Sony Online Entertainment’s Dragon’s Prophet. A brand new MMO experience that offers players the opportunity to collect and train over 300 types of dragons, all the while enjoying quests, intense combat and deadly instances. Players are more than welcome to join us on our journey, you can signup and download the game here.

Friday 6PM EST Random Day with Ryan Mcbride(60 minutes)
Random Friday
Every Friday Gamers Heroes main face of Twitch.TV will invite the community to join him on a random experience. Whether than be streaming the latest console titles or enjoying some time in popular free-to-play games, be sure to check every Friday for exciting new events.

Sunday Indie Day & Random Captain Camper Stream 6PM EST (60 minutes)
Indie Stream
Every Sunday Ryan Mcbride and Captain Camper choose a new indie title to stream to the Gamers Heroes viewers. Each editor will have 30 minutes to impress with their indie title of choice. These events are sponsored by Indie City and Indie Game Stand, two exciting indie websites. The indie titles will vary, including everything from brand new survival horror experiences to uniquely engaging, quirky titles. Check every Sunday for the latest in indie game freshness.

Blaine Smith

Blaine Smith, or Smith as he prefers to be called as he doesn't have to repeat it four times before people get it, is one of the original founders of Gamers Heroes. Smith has been playing games for over 30 years, from Rex & 180 on ZX Spectrum to the latest releases on the ninth generation of consoles. RPG's are his go-to genre, with the likes of Final Fantasy, Legend of Legaia, and Elder Scrolls being among his favorites, but he'll play almost anything once (except Dark Souls). You can best reach him on Twitter

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