Diablo 3 Auction House Guide

Diablo 3 has an Auction House in it, which can be a useful way to make money or find useful items. It can be hard to make a good amount of gold from it, or to pay a good price for something. This guide will give a few tips and pointers to try and help you make some extra gold, save gold and to help you maneuver through the Auction House without wasting too much time.

The Auction House has plenty of items to choose from no matter your class or preferences. When it comes down to buying and selling items, there is a lot of undercutting to other players. You definitely need to take opportunities to buy cheaper items or undercut somebody. In the lower levels you probably won’t even make that much gold, you may even think its a waste of your time. With low level blues I don’t even bother to keep them all and sell them, I just break them into crafting things. If you want to make a lot more gold on the side, by all means put the blues up for a quick easy price that is more than the vendors and people will buy them easily. With low level yellows you might as well not even waste your time looking to undercut people by a small fragment, because everyone is trying to undercut. If you find a even rarer item or an item that you know has very good stats for a certain class, by all means try to sell it for more. Whenever I have yellows, I sell them between 500-1000 gold, which may not be much, but people are more likely to take them off your hands fast and easy. Of course feel free to extend that price range as you approach higher levels, as they truly will be worth more. You will be able to set the price of items pretty high as you approach the max level, but still try to make it a cheaper price to have it bought quickly. You can only have 10 auctions at once, if you let the 5 minute item recall pass, they are stuck at that price for days. I had 8 items way overpriced that no one bought and I got back after days. It was simply just a waste of my time and my auction slots that I could have used to make quicker gold. So I recommend just selling them at a price you know someone will take up as soon as they see. Also, by all means feel free to put up cheap gems, crafting items or pages for the Blacksmith or Jeweler, every bit of gold helps. That way you can clear items and at least make more gold than you started with.

I have found a pretty good method to buying cheap beneficial items. I have noticed that the pages in the Auction House only goes to 46 pages, even if there are more items than 46 pages can show. When looking to replace an item, click the buyout word until the arrow is pointing up like this ^. The first pages will say N/A for people with no buyout, however if you organize the list like this, eventually you will see items at the cheapest possible price someone is setting the buyout for. Just keep scrolling through pages until you start to see the items have a buyout price. At levels 20 and 30 I could deck my entire character out with far better yellow quality items with most of the items being less than 2000 gold. Some items even being cheaper than 500 gold. However the price of items quickly increase towards the max level, you may not be able to buy full yellows. Even blues will end up getting rather expensive, just always look for the good deals and try to sell your own items so you have enough to keep bettering your character. All you have to do is organize it this way, and look through the cheapest buyouts, you are bound to find an item with some good stats for your character for a price you are more than willing to pay. This way you can get some good gear for fairly cheap, for when the game begins to require you to get better gear. If you would like, you can also win some auctions by putting a cheap bid, most people overlook bidding so if you have the chance to put a big on something you want, you may end up easily getting it eventually. Also when looking for items, if you are concerned about one stat above the rest, use the Preferred Stat option at the bottom of the search window. You can prioritize how much stats you want on the item at a minimum value, and pick up to 3 stats you care about more than any other ones. This will make the search have even less to search for so that instead of looking at every cheap item you can find what you are looking for and its cheapest price right away. Don’t forget to set the level range either, no need in weeding through all the low level gear.

There is another issue that people often overlook within the Auction House. I was confused myself with it for a little bit. If you are familiar with World Of Warcraft from Blizzard or any other game involving an Auction House you would be used to the items and gold being sent to your character. In Diablo 3 however, that is not the case. Whether you sell an item for gold or buy an item you must do the same thing to obtain them. You have to click the completed tab in the Auction House. On the side bar you see your rewarded gold, or the item you bought. You have to click send to stash for the money to sum into your overall gold, or to send the item to your stash, where you can then obtain it in game. So make sure if you use the Auction House a lot, that you have enough slots in your stash to have room for items.

The Diablo 3 Auction House is a very useful piece to the game, be smart about things and you will be able to get good deals and make some gold. Don’t forget to check your completed tab every chance you get to keep the rotation of selling and buying going.

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