Dark Souls beating the Giant Boar

If you have been keeping up to date with our Dark Souls coverage you should be past the dragon by now and on to the Giant Boar. This boar is armored and hard to bring down. This guide will help you bring him down in no time though! Let’s do it. First thing we need for the Dark Souls Giant Armored Boar guide is what he will do to us. Once you see him(he is really hard to miss) you are now in his attack zone. Get to close and he will charge you and knock you over. If you get caught on the ground say good bye.

His other ability is just if he gets close to you he will gore you and knock you over again. We are not going to be fighting him head on so don’t worry about this to much.

Now for the Dark Souls Giant Armored Boar guide fight. Like it or not it is a good idea to bring him down so you can roam freely without being wrecked.

As stated above we will not be fighting him head on. You will need a bow and some arrows(50 to be safe), fire bombs do good damage as well. Once you walk through the corridor you will see a sword zombie start to run at you and to your right is a spear zombie. Clear both of them out and on the right you should see some steps going up. Take those steps up and kill the archers that are shooting you then kill the spear zombie because he will be coming at you.

After clearing those zombies out go to where the archers were hitting you from. Below you should see the boar. With his armor you can only hit him in his legs really. I was only doing about 12 but he doesn’t have much hp so after about 15 arrows he will die. If you have a fire bomb those do some better damage but still not much so you can use those if you want. Just remember to aim for his back legs like I did and you should drop him no problem. Magic might melt him as well but I don’t have any.

Alternate Strategy Submitted By Guest Hero Mike

I had quicker and infinitely cooler strategy that I used to kill the boar on my very first try. First part is the same: clearing the other enemies first. Then, I aggro’d the boar and ran back out of the courtyard, but instead of running down the steps, I went onto the ledge along-side of them. The boar proceeded down those steps below me, and I was out of his reach. I then performed a falling attack (like the one you can perform on the Asylum Demon), which cut his health by 30-50%. Afterward, for some reason he began trying to flee back to the courtyard, allowing me to perform the critical back-stab attack (the one with the special animation) on the unarmored portion by his tail. This finished him off.

So, in summary, he can be killed in two hits.

By King Isen – Kill all the zombies, grab the skulls by the archer, then proceed to toss them towards the burning object. He then runs towards it causing massive damage.

Yeah, aggro the boar into charging through the fire and he will go down without you even having to touch him – Mike Lloy

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