Diablo 3 Blacksmith Guide

In Diablo 3 there is a Blacksmith that can do a lot for your arsenal of equipment. Be sure to utilize this important factor in the game. Learn how to understand all the things a Blacksmith does.

The Blacksmith creates all the kinds of armor and weapons your class can use. You need materials to create things, to do this you have to use the salvage command. Drag an item into the anvil, or click the anvil and pick what items you want to destroy. You salvage items of higher quality and rarity. Then you can use the materials you get to create higher quality items for yourself. Don’t forget that you can even salvage the items you created from the Blacksmith if you have no use anymore. So I recommend keeping any rare items you find just for the purpose of salvaging for the materials.

The bottom tab of the Blacksmith is what you click to help level your Blacksmith. It costs money to train every time so try saving or making some money. When you pay the gold your Blacksmith learns how to make new pieces of armor or weapons and you gain experience towards the next whole level for your Blacksmith. When creating an item be sure to look at the level requirement so that you can be sure you are high enough level to equip it right away. Eventually in the game you will find designs for rare weapons and armor that the Blacksmith can create, however they will usually need even more materials for you to salvage and collect.

The Diablo 3 Blacksmith takes a lot of money and materials to keep leveling further, but it is worth it because they can make incredible items for all the points in the game. Don’t neglect the power of crafting.

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