Quake Live Duel at DreamHack

For those of you who don’t know what Quake Live is, it’s basically a port of Quake 3 Arena. It of course has some differences, the biggest one being it’s played through your browser. We’re seeing more and more of these browser-based games, where you download a plug-in for your web browser and just log on to a website and launch the games from there. Quake Live has a bunch of different game modes, with Duel, TDM and CTF the most popular ones in the competitive gaming communities. As we know by now, there will be a Duel tournament and a TDM tournament at DreamHack, as well as a FFA tournament sponsored by 2GD, known from ESL TV.

This is definitely the most spectator friendly game-style QL has to offer, and there will be no exception for DH, with lvl^ (www.levelupyourgame.com) casting this is something you don’t want to miss!

All the big guns are showing for this event, so the big question is really if anyone can beat the seemingly unbeatable rapha. rapha is coming straight from a win in the North-American tournament Everyone Must Die, so he’ll most likely be high in confidence. Cypher won Dreamhack last time around, and will surely be eager to defend his title, and Cooller will be out in force to try to finally take that final step, after winning the Intel Extreme Masters European Championships only to lose to none other than rapha in IEM World Championships.
Spart1e, who is the most successful dueller from the host nation Sweden in recent time, is also likely to be eager to step up after his impressive display at IEM World Championships, where he won his group, beating the likes of Cypher, the two finalists rapha and Cooller, as well as the experienced czm. Unfortunately his game wasnt that good the following day, where he lost both his matches, and ended up in 4th place.

Participants worth to notice
Amai (BLR)
av3k (POL)
Cypher (BLR)
dem0n (BEL)
Cooller (RUS)
DaHanG (USA)
evil (RUS)
fazz (SWE)
k1llsen (GER)
madix (SWE)
rapha (USA)
Spart1e (SWE)
Stermy (ITA)
strenx (FRA)
zsx (GBR)



Group A
– Cypher
– k1llsen
– evil
– GaRpY

Group B
– Cooller
– spartie
– czm
– dem0n

Group C
– Strenx
– DaHanG
– madix
– amai

Group D
– Rapha
– av3k
– fazz
– zsx

SCHEDULE (All times are local)
Sat 18/6 09.00 Warm-up
Sat 18/6 10.00 Group stage A/B/C/D – Round 1
Sat 18/6 11.00 Group stage A/B/C/D – Round 2
Sat 18/6 12.00 Group stage A/B/C/D – Round 3
Sat 18/6 13.00 Group stage A/B/C/D – Round of 8
Sat 18/6 14.00 Group stage A/B/C/D – Round 4
Sun 18/6 19.00 Bronze match
Sun 19/6 20.00 Grand Final

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