Uncharted 3 finding the Golden Hind

The first puzzle in Uncharted 3 has you trying to find the Golden Hind. It’s a ship that Francis used apparently and it is in the museum somewhere. This guide will help you find it no problem. Let’s get it.

This is actually a two part guide one is for the museum as a child and the other part is for the adult Nate.

First thing you should know is that pressing select will let you see Nate’s journal which shows a picture of the Golden Hind. You have to find that ship in the museum somewhere. No worries if you pick the wrong one you can always check another spot so if you want to see some interesting old stuff check out the exhibits.

Now on to the guide part of finding The Golden Hind in Uncharted 3. Once you get in the museum check the journal to see what the ship looks like so you can spot it. Head through the first floor and inspect and other ships you ant to see. Before going upstairs though check the back by a big wooden door for a treasure.

Now head upstairs. They make it seem like you need to find a ship but in actuality you need to find relics from Francis Drake’s adventures. You should notice the odd rusted helmet in the middle of everything else. Go up to that and check it out. You will have found the objective and are now going to get a cut scene. Good job.

The second Uncharted 3 the Golden Hind guide is for adult Nate. After the cut scene you will have to find some clue. From where you start go around the pillar and climb up the spears on the back. Keep following the path around then jump the gap to the golden head. Press triangle on it. It will fall and you will have a gun fight and can continue with the game.

That will end the Uncharted 3 the Golden Hind guide. Be sure to check our Uncharted 3 Complete Walkthrough Guide listing Treasure Locations for all chapters and more!

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