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Can We Stop Restricting Developers With This Morality Bullshit?

Can We Stop Restricting Developers With This Morality Bullshit
Destructive Creations recently introduced the wider gaming audience to their upcoming isometric shooter with a “disturbing atmosphere of mass killing”, Hatred. The surprising response from many critics and big-name media outlets saw utterly outrageous claims and accusations, with some even attempting to get the game banned. This is a complete contradiction to the very nature of video-game development and I for one am ashamed at the reception Hatred has received and the astonishing attitude on display at some of the “respected” gaming outlets.

For those not familiar with the controversy currently sweeping over Destructive Creations’ Hatred, a little introduction. On October 16th Polish based developers Destructive Creations sent word to all the big figures of the gaming world, introducing us wonderful “journalists” to the twisted vision of their latest creation, Hatred. I’ll spare you a paragraph of a poor attempt at describing the video and simply give you the choice to watch it. Because ya’ know, we all have a choice in life.

That’s it. That’s the trailer that has sparked massive levels of controversy in the online gaming space. Polygon said it was the “worst trailer of the year“, Metro (I know, I struggled to keep a straight face here as well) claimed that it would keep the worlds sickest serial killers entertained, while Inquisitor asked if Hatred is the most offensive video-game ever? Now either all of the journalists at these outlets drank the same mushroom tea or they’re all missing the point of developing games entirely.

How often do we as gamers yearn for something new? Something fresh, something that redefines what it means to be a video-game. How many reviews have you read where a game is criticized for its lack of innovation or new ideas? Yet when one comes along half the gaming world explodes, with some idiots even accusing the developers of “neo-Nazi, anti-Islamic affiliations“. Oh, and for the record. I totally agree with the response from Jaroslaw Zielinski, the CEO of Destructive Creations, when he was approached with the neo-Nazi accusations, he simply said they were “fucking ridiculous”.

Gaming Isn't Sick

I watched the trailer for Hatred, it looks alright. I won’t rush out to buy it and there’s a good chance I’ll miss it entirely, yet some individuals feel they’re suited and qualified to make that decision for me. Developing video-games is not all that dissimilar to other creative mediums in entertainment. An individual or team share a vision and work together to deliver that vision in the best way they can. Whether you’re talking video-games, movies, TV or music, it’s all very similar. There are elements of the process considered to be normal, and others that push the line of controversy or raise the line of quality. Yet somewhere along the line the reputation of developing video-games has been drowned in pints of utter piss drivel as certain outlets feel they can judge the tolerance and socially acceptable levels of controversy in video-games. Well to you I say this. Piss off.

I don’t consider myself an expert in all elements of the entertainment industry, unless you ask the other half and then I’m an expert in all movies that are worth my time, but let me share my experience of television, movies and music with you for a moment. I have seen Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of A Clockwork Orange and endured the infamous rape scenes, I was witness to the mental degradation and death of Gomer Pyle in Full Metal Jacket, I questioned my humanity while laughing at Mr. Blonde’s (Michael Madsen) torturous ways in Reservoir Dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed what many claimed was a direct insult to religion in the Life of Brian. Likewise I remember the first time I watched the pleasure-seeking drug and alcohol rampage in the music video for Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up. ANd I recall bobbing my young and rather empty teenage mind to lyrics that describe death, torture, rape and violence, in any number of Eminem songs. And I remember the vivid imaginary brought on by Body Count’s “Cop Killer”.

There’s one single element that all of those have in common – the creators and the passionate minds behind each and every one had the freedom to develop and deliver their vision. Do we throw Eminem to the wolves every time he releases a new track describing another colorful and creative way to dispatch of his ex-wife? Do we call for the head of a director when incredibly disturbing scenes are portrayed in a new movie (and this is actually real, not computer generation images)? Or do we mock the artist who’s paints a picture we’re all too scared to see?

Music Controversy

Gaming and developers should not be treated any differently. Why do these journalists see a mindless genocidal rampage to be so disgusting it deserves banning, while they openly accept, promote and encourage us to play a game where X number of American bad-asses kill countless enemies of an unknown origin that clearly based on current events? In attempting to mimic life, death and reality in gaming, why should we justify the rights and wrongs of individual consequence?

To avoid boring you any further, I’ll end this on a simple note. Any individuals within the gaming niche that can give Grand Theft Auto V a 9.5/10, a game with torture, the brutal killing of innocents and prostitution, and then condemn another for doing the same, does not deserve the level of attention required to even read the article.

Don’t be a hypocrite. Boundaries are there to be pushed. Limits are there to be broken and creativity is there to impress, shock and disgust. That’s why it’s creative.

Blaine Smith

Blaine Smith, or Smith as he prefers to be called as he doesn't have to repeat it four times before people get it, is one of the original founders of Gamers Heroes. Smith has been playing games for over 30 years, from Rex & 180 on ZX Spectrum to the latest releases on the ninth generation of consoles. RPG's are his go-to genre, with the likes of Final Fantasy, Legend of Legaia, and Elder Scrolls being among his favorites, but he'll play almost anything once (except Dark Souls). You can best reach him on Twitter


  1. Just another ‘If you enjoy GTA and are offended by the presentation of Hatred, then you’re a hypocrite” opinion piece…

    The only things contributing less to society than games like ‘Hatred’ are the articles trying to compare it to other popular games.
    Where as ‘Grand Theft Auto’ is to video games like “Crank” is to cinema, ‘Hatred’ is to video games like “Snuff Films” are to cinema. Is it a crime to watch Snuff or play Hatred? No. Does it bring your morality into question if you derive pleasure from that playing/viewing experience? Certainly. Just like if you go home and try to roleplay a SAW movie, you’re free to do what you want but people are still going to form their own opinions of your actions.
    I still can’t believe some people can’t see the difference in themes between games like Grand Theft Auto and games like Hatred, are these the same people who think the US government staged 9/11?
    Everyone has a right to develop or play what they want, just like everyone has the right to judge those that try to push acceptability to it’s limits.

    1. Few things:

      1. Snuff films are completely different. ppl are raped and killed in them, for real. so how is that any comparison to killing a virtual character? that’s just dumb.
      NOTHING is morally questionable when there’s no victim.

      2. Maybe GTA today is completely different, but it DID start up as a very violent-for-the-sake-of-violence, and they would’ve never get to where they are without people who bought their game just to kill and run over ppl. and there’s nothing wrong with that, because it’s a GAME and again – no victims.

      3. About that page – it’s NOT the equivilent of the KKK, People in europe are really affraid these days since in some countries, 70-90 percent of rapes are by muslims, who weren’t there a few years ago. there’s a real situation and standing up against it is NOT racism. it’s common sense. but let’s just say it’s “debatable”, since of course – many racists do join those organizations.
      Just like many terrorists join legitimate left-wing organizations these days.

      1. Actually, snuff films are staged, ultra violent movies where a death is re-enacted. “Real” snuff films are an urban legend. So my point is completely relevant, it is media for the sake of violence fetishism and that’s exactly what Hatred is.

        GTA started out as a PC game where you drove around a city in a top down perspective, driving 16-bit tanks over cars. The blood in the game amounted two 12 red pixels. A better comparison would’ve been Duke Nukem or Doom but then you couldn’t make your point because those games contain alien antagonists. They are both “violent-for-the-sake-of-violence” but you see how a shift in the person you are shooting makes the theme much more acceptable?

        Finally, about your racism denials…Promoting a single race state is not racist? Standing up against multiculturalism is not racist? Supporting a group who targetings people based on the ethnicity is not racist? Painting every ethnic person in the country with the same brush isn’t racist?

        You’re final paragraph has completely demolished any credibility you were trying to bring to this discussion. Go play your Hate game, it’s your right, but don’t try to denounce my right to judge you for your choices and opinions.

      2. There’s no use arguing with bigshynepo, don’t even attempt him. He’s a professional at dragging you down to his stupor and rolling in the mud. Just keep your intelligence safely fastened around your perception of the world and the proper ethics that you have and he doesn’t. The edge in logic you possess is only going to make him even more insecure about himself. (Just look at what he’s attempted to drag me into above, it’s not worth it)

        1. If your mom hasn’t throw herself into traffic for having such a failure of a son, can you go slap the daylights out of her for not having you aborted?
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          1. Nice post edit that wonderfully reveals your aspie, immature-self:

            “If your mom hasn’t throw herself into traffic for having such a failure of a son, can you go slap the daylights out of her for not having you aborted? Thanks for giving me one more opportunity to “drag you down”. Next time, don’t start a fight you can’t win and you’ll save yourself a large dose of embarrassment.”

            Goes to show that even though you aren’t dragging anyone, you NEED to cling onto that fantasy in order to stroke your ego to compensate what petty little mind you have. rofl. Common stereotype of a pathetic loser on the internet trying to argue for the sake of arguing. Grrr! So angry! So serious! Keyboard warrior rage! Hahahaha, no, but seriously, no words can describe how hilariously angst and pathetic you are. It’s comedic. You think yourself EMPOWERED with your petty little words as if you’re actually insulting someone online? That it works? That you’re ‘winning’ something? LOL. Special Olympics victory pride, okay XD Take the gold medal.

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            It would be such obvious karma if you ended up in a wheelchair someday, then you maybe wouldn’t be so flippant when using the disabled in your attacks against an abled-bodied person. If you had even a shred of creativity, you’d be able to fight your own battles without reducing your insults to jabs at people with disabilities.

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            Now, go find some more anonymous internet comments to rally to your cause. “Look at bigshynepo, you weren’t even talking to him, but just looook! look at what he said!! I need your help to denounce him because I’m Jason, the psyche!”

          3. Yawn. Even after all this time, you don’t have anyone agreeing with you apparently. We know how much you love being a Special Snowflake so I’ll leave you to your special wittle world since you rather live in a deluded bubble where your opinion has weight. Keep pretending to be intelligent all you want. πŸ™‚ I’ll promise to stop trying to burst the your bubbles amongst your chronic and desperate mannerisms that involve reflecting your flaws onto others.

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        1. You’re an embarrassment to humankind. That’s all that needs to be said. All that I’ve said was to merely bait you, lo and behold you took it all in and prejudgmentally jumped to conclusions with anecdotal evidence and proclaimed your perception as fact. People like you are scum, I merely imitate scum so I can lure out the truer nature of the person I’m communicating with so we can see their true colours, any person with common sense or a troll would be able to notice most of my posts were merely bait.

          You took the bait well, gullible as you are, everything you said and your reactions are all predictable tropes of peasant-minded sheep. I’m glad the mod/admins actually pay attention to the harassment that happens here by the keyboard warriors who ventilate towards others while hiding behind the internet.

          1. He just won’t quit, look at this child.
            Sorry Jason, I got a life to live so you can keep talking to yourself.. Enjoy hating the mentally disabled and have fun playing your mass-murder simulator. You must be a real hit with the ladies. Bigot.

    2. How can you stand to judge an individual without knowing that individual fully? I thoroughly enjoyed some of the shocking levels of violence in games like Manhunt, the over-the-top kills and animations, does that make me a bad person? Of course it doesn’t. Hell, I’ve never once been the cause of violence or injury to anyone my entire life.

      Let me prefix this next part by saying I’m a huge fan of GTA. GTA V was one of the best games of our generation, but that doesn’t make me blind to the core fundamentals of the game. The entire franchise was birthed on a game that was solely about killing people. You seem to have forgotten that.

      You’re saying that slaughtering 1000 innocent bystanders is justified in a game like GTA because it has good graphics, an enjoyable story and appealing characters? So if they added better graphics, a story and a few missions that didn’t involve killing everyone to Hatred it would be acceptable?

      What’s the difference between Hatred and GTA? About $100 million in budget.

      1. “The entire franchise was birthed on a game that was solely about killing people.”
        Sorry man, it certainly wasn’t the goal of the original game. I made my familiarity with the original GTA above. A better example for you to make would’ve been Carmageddon.

        “You’re saying that slaughtering 1000 innocent bystanders is justified in
        a game like GTA because it has good graphics, an enjoyable story and
        appealing characters?” I never said that. People have tried to pass GTA without killing anyone outside of a mission goal, I doubt you’ll be able to pass any of Hatred without killing innocents.

        So if they added better graphics, a story and a few missions that didn’t
        involve killing everyone to Hatred it would be acceptable? If massmurdering innocents wasn’t the overarching theme of this game, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Change the people to aliens, or criminals or zombies and this all becomes a non-issue. Shooting women and children in the face in graphic detail really shouldn’t appeal to anyone.

        “What’s the difference between Hatred and GTA? About $100 million in budget.” Since we barely know ANYTHING about Hatred, I think that’s a pretty big assumption. Furthermore, if you REALLY can’t see the difference between the two games, outside of defending your opinion piece, then you probably aren’t qualified to report on gaming. No offense, but seriously, think about the difference and know that I’m on to something.

  2. Opinion pieces like this are the ones that need to flourish and exist more than the garbage we get as the mainstream of nonsensical left-winging cunts that are the gaming journalist elitists being what they’re good at, being cunts.

    1. If you need someone else’s opinion to form your own, then it’s not worth having an opinion in the first place.

      1. Cause apparently one cannot have the exact same perception as another person without it being pointed out as ‘Someone had it before you, thus you’re just sheepishly taking their opinion as yours’.

        Aren’t you a special little twit. Cause there’s no such thing as two people having the same ideology or perception as someone else out there in the world. Go back under your rock, aspie.

        1. Aww, looks like someone’s self image just took another hit. It’s no surprise you want to play games like Hatred if a one-line innocuous comment can send you into such a panty-twist. Please warn your family, friends (if you even have any) and neighbors that someone with your unstable mental grasp is out there advocating for the most violent games imaginable.

          Do you fall asleep the Nine Inch Nails’ Broken video too?
          How many trenchcoats do you own?
          Do you even own a gun or do you just play with your dad’s?

          Enjoy your violence fetish, it’s much less disturbing that your short fuse. If those two sides of your personality ever collide, get some help.

          1. Whatever deluded perceptions make you sleep better at night kid, your Highschool Psyche 101 class doesn’t make you a psychologist. As ironic as it is that I’m majoring in psychology and you definitely are not, your ability to analyze is as empty as your skull is Your insecurities are showing quite blatantly based on how over-reactive and over-dramatic you are, it’s quite obvious who has the self-esteem problems which is why I can tolerate a game like this but you cannot.

            I simply am intolerant to mentally challenged individuals who abuse the privilege of being stupid and I express it bluntly but hey, all the more reason you seem to be mirroring every one of your faults towards me. You’re the one picking fights on the internet and being a keyboard warrior, I’m merely criticizing and informing you that you’re an idiot and leaving it there. Not my fault you can’t handle the truth. It’s embarrassing especially since you’re not even a troll, just a stupid person who thinks his opinion matters.

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            Is that really the statement you want to make here?

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            “how over-reactive and over-dramatic you are”
            *looks at your previous comments and laughs*

            “mirroring every one of your faults towards me”
            What does that even mean? Did you get that from your PSYCHE class?

            “You’re the one picking fights”
            Says the douche bag who trolled my comment, called me names, etc. This was all in regards to a comment not directed at you and a one line philosophical comment (You know what that word means, right?). Keep calling me black, kettle.

            “just a stupid person who thinks his opinion matters.” Didn’t you come here looking for opinions in the first place? Ya know, cause you can’t form your own? Well, here, you can have mine.

            Good luck at life loser. Let me know how that class goes.

          3. Ain’t nobody got time to read that novel of butthurt. Over-dramatic was right, Phewwwww~

            Get off the soap box and seek counselling, just don’t come to my office.

  3. I think games like Hatred should exist but we should also examine if media in general can have a negative effect on some sections of our society. That shouldn’t be labelled as some nonsensical left-wing issue, that should be common sense thinking.

    1. There are pockets of our society that are more easily influenced than others but even with the absence of gaming, there will always be something to blame. I don’t think time should be wasted on blaming certain forms of media for the influence they have on members of our society. We should be looking at why these people are in the position where something can have such a profound impact on their life choices .

      Whether someone imitates a violent movie or a violent game, there’s something in that individual that is not present in the masses.

      Personally I consider commonly accepted mainstream media to be far more damaging yet it’s ignored for the most part. When was the last time we saw a major news network criticize a magazine for ruining the health of a young generation? How many young people are pressured by glamor magazines or what they feel society expects of them? Slightly derailing the general gaming element here but I understand and respect your approach, so wanted to throw in my 2 cents πŸ˜€

  4. nonsense crap!
    so give devs freedom…
    then let them create a game about molesting children!

    think about it you sadist man!
    there is nothing creative ABOUT this game!
    no innovative gameplay, no great graphics.

    just bunch of devs who wants to make a quick cash grab by making a violence game because “blood and gore” is the new trend in gaming nowdays.

    fools like these making nonsense crap like this will give Jack Thomspon more evident of successfully banning games!

    and GTA does not compare with this game, because in GTA you have a ‘CHOICE’ to kill civilian or not.
    But in this game, everyone is your enemy

    and saying “well movies have violence as well”.
    oh if Mexicans are robbing African American people and you see it as a good thing, just because they do so, does that mean it gives you freedom to do and copy them?

    i mean how low and degraded humans can be!
    i see someone raping a woman, so let me rape because someone else is doing it so it’s fine.
    Why don’t you set an example, and do the right thing: DON’T DO IT!

    1. How can you deny creativity in any entertainment medium that requires the human imagination to flourish? Just because it’s something you may dislike, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a piece of creative work. A character, a simple environment, even the shallowest stories are a form of creative work.

      If anything, the choice in GTA should highlight the original point exactly. People have the choice. They don’t need to slaughter hundreds of innocent bystanders yet they CHOOSE to do so. I find that far more disturbing than performing the same action in a game that offers that as its actual purpose.

      I do not condone violence but it is a part of our society on many levels. Can it sometimes make for entertaining experiences in various forms of media? Sure, doesn’t mean I would consider any real-life violence less of a tragedy.

      It’s also worth noting that practically every human alive has violent tendencies. We all have a limit, we’ve all been pushed to it. It’s a raw human emotion that is repressed now more than ever. I mean we can’t simply grab a sword and start hacking away at the King’s army anymore can we? πŸ˜€

      That is why violence is popular in gaming. It’s something everyone can relate to (although it’s obviously blown to incredible proportions in gaming). However, not every individual has the urge to commit the monstrosities you mentioned. That’s like saying a child that steals a sweet should be treated the same as a gang that robs a bank and kills 20 people. Very different scenarios there πŸ˜€

      1. “How can you deny creativity in any entertainment medium that requires the human imagination to flourish?”

        This comment just takes me back to my snuff film comment. At what point does the creativity become so appalling and realistic than it should no longer be socially acceptable? Are graphic murder simulators the limit? What about a game where someone molests animals, is that game still okay? How about a rape game, is that something you support from a creativity standpoint? What about an ISIS recruitment game where you behead people based on real-life victims of war?

        Please explain.

        1. That point has already been met. There is a reason violence is generally accepted in mainstream media but the other actions you described are not.

          There are dozens of games that almost perfectly replicate examples you’ve given but they disguise it to avoid the attention it would get if they directly mimicked real life entities. Is there a game where you behead people as a member of ISIS? Not to my knowledge. However, Call of Duty has the player play the role of an undercover CIA agent acting as a terrorist and was able to gun down innocents freely. Also became one of the best selling games during its time.

          I do not condone, support or control what society considers to be normal, acceptable or justifiable but that doesn’t change what it has deemed so. I’m simply saying that people cannot condone murder in one respect, and then vilify it in another. Whether I slaughter a guard in Manhunt, run over a band in Grand Theft Auto or shoot endless waves of enemies in generic FPS shooter, the end result is the same. I’m speaking in regards to entertainment here of course.

          1. You have tactfully avoided my question.
            Out of my examples listed, are those game themes all acceptible in the context that you framed in this article? If the developers of Hatred made a rape game tomorrow, would you write this same article in relation to the uproar (perhaps calling out the sex scenes in God of War as evidence of the communities hypocritical attitude)?

          2. I did not avoid your question, tactically or otherwise (I lack the ability :D) You seemed to have missed the point of my response.

            You’re calling me out on my personal standpoint, that was not the point in my comment. The point here is what SOCIETY considers to be acceptable in an entertainment medium. Violence is at an accepted level so one cannot purchase a violent, murder filled game one week, and then criticize another that features the same the next week (not on that element anyway). I do not control the level of acceptance within society.

            It’s a choice. You are either okay with violence to a degree in games, or you’re not. The point here is that in GTA I can murder and gun people down all day long. The same appears true in Hatred. Your problem lays with the reasons to justify these actions. It’s a game and that’s my point, you’re taking it far too seriously. And even still, to take it at its most foundation point – murder is murder, death is death.

            Just because you, personally, 1 gamer, do not play GTA in that fashion, it would be naive to think the majority play it the same way.

          3. Maybe there were too many characters in my last comment. I’ll ask again. Out of my examples listed, are those game themes all acceptable TO YOU in the context that you framed in this article? Just answer it or tell me you aren’t going to. Either way, I get the answer I’m looking for.

          4. Now who’s avoiding answering a question? πŸ˜€ I’ve explained the reasoning several times, you’ve missed it πŸ˜€

            Are any of the examples you listed widely accepted by any other form of entertainment media? Are they as common as violence? You’re simply trying to fall back on a totally different debate πŸ˜€

            And no, they would not be. But if rape were acceptable in society and appeared in every game, I would be against it. I would not condone it in game A and then moan about game B that made it more obvious.

          5. Great, thanks for your insight and the conversation. (PS. I didn’t see a question mark in your last comment which is why I failed to offer any kind of answer.)

          6. I was tempted to upvote that last comment as a sign of mutual appreciation but realized that could be perceived as a childish attempt to get the last word. I then decided to comment and came to a similar conclusion. I then considered doing nothing and saw that arrive at a similar outcome. I am therefore ill-equipped to successfully end an exchange of opinions so I leave you with this: SmileyFace

          7. I have only deleted comments that had a clear intention to insult another in a personal manner. I’ve not read any recent comments fully as they’re quite long in length and it’s 2am. I’m working on it πŸ˜€

          8. Such is where Formal and Informal Norms come in, and sociological perspectives that are coined to determine what exactly is brought in as our unspoken laws. Wherein, other countries have different perspectives and informal norms that we cannot question or treat as if it’s barbaric or negative compared to ours, lest we delve into ethnocentrism.

            Women flirting with their bodies by just their ankles, to now being able to reveal and expose a lot of upper-boob is the same transition we’ll run into with Violence, being movies of the days where all we had was black and white, any violence was penalized, tossed away, never given the sight of day. Same goes with any form of sexuality or the bigotry of the early Hollywood scene of the 1960’ish of homophobia in films. Now we have tons of violence, lots of movies with sex and death and Torture-porn – – -yet torture-porn CANNOT exist in interactive entertainment form – the controversial question we ask time and time again is “Why not?”

          9. A great example soon enough is us playing the Protagonist-turned-Antagonist, Big Boss, in Metal Gear Solid 5. The perceptual difference is that audiences and perceivers are used to playing the Hero, something you’d understand based on your title probably. Heroism and our Causa Sui, our Immortality Project [/Denial of Death, good book], instructs us to be morally good as much as possible. Most of society is now attached to the idea that boosting our ego is the way to bolster our hopes and desire to move forward, materialistically or sentimentally, temporarily or with escapism and hobbies that involves fantasies more than reality.

            In Hatred, we deliberately play the Antagonist, and I don’t think people are viewing this with a proper outlook that we’re not a ‘Confused hero’ or a Hero who’s unsure of his alignment. He’s a villain, Antagonist, someone we’re Not meant to find likeness to ourselves. Heroes and typical Protagonists, whether silent or voiced, are meant to have us reverse roleplay our likeness or appreciations for Good deeds, positive thinking, being a savour or a hope to people to boost our ego. Life is all about boosting egos and ego-tripping and power-tripping.

            Darkness, Spec Ops: The Line, The Punisher, somewhat recent titles for instance where we can butcher many many people in graphic ways. Darkness you could devour innocents and EAT THEIR HEARTS! No one blinks an eye, because it’s set in a more fantasy-like tone. Another thing is if it’s relate-able to our own environment, like for instance, the game Homefront? Some of the maps there had scared some American viewers due to the suburban maps wherein people have the perception of peace and calm and friendliness and it was replaced instead with torture, death and murder. People are sensitive when it comes to situations of their own playground being muddled and yet we trample in the fields of others’ all the time without caring too. Spec-Ops, we accidentally used White Phosphorus on a camp with refugees and innocent bystandards. The Punisher, we ‘punished’ and painfully, morbidly killed thugs and other people who were questionably ‘villain-like’ but we have to ask, what if those villain thugs had kids or family back at home? Why should we not cry or mourn or worry about how we, the badass protagonist vigilante, The Punisher, goes on a murder-spree and no one REALLLLLY blinks and eye…..BECAUSE? We’re the Hero in the end and so we think that makes our actions right, whether ‘Now’ or that the Righteousness is now noticeable, but will be for future causes.

            Antagonists shouldn’t be liked, shouldn’t be similar to a normal human being, and people are meant to hate him just as we easily are predisposed to hating Movie Villains. People just have to accept that the villain, is who we play.

    1. Just for the record, I’m still being trolled on your site by that handicap-hating bigot, Jason Mounce. I think a ban is in order.

      1. Good thing people like you don’t have power. You’re the type that should remain powerless, give you any power? Am sure you’d abuse it faster than the speed of light.

        Oh, also, I really hope no one takes your “Woe is me, look, I’m being Victimized~ I’m a damsel in distress, Oh, Hero-Captain Camper-sama-desu! Please saaaave me~”. This isn’t an example for dramaturgical displays of children acting helpless….waiiit a second—….

    2. Agreed. Wherein, my original post I at least had here had no negative connotations directed towards anyone in any way. Not like anyone on the internet ever admits defeat anyways. Harassment of naysayers and people looking for arguments for the sake of arguing gets too fierce on the internet, people over-react and turn over-dramatic so their egos can be appeased and it’s always really sad, this isn’t even twitter or youtube. So it’s pretty crazy.

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