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Digimon Cyber Sleuth Guide: Memory UP Location Guide

Digimon Cyber Sleuth Guide: Memory UP Location Guide
Party size in Digimon Cyber Sleuth is determined by how much Party Memory you have. If you can find more Memory UPs then you can upgrade the Party Memory more and have more Digimon going into battle with you. Check out this guide to find out how to increase your Party Memory in Digimon Cyber Sleuth.

How To Increase Party Memory In Digimon Cyber Sleuth

For the most part you will get one after every serious boss fight. There are a few other spots you will be finding them as well.

Memory UP 1 – You will get your first bonus Memory up after the first boss, Growlmon. He isn’t that hard of a fight if you bring three Digimon to face off with him.

Memory UP 2+3 = The next to come from the boss fight with Devimon and he’s two fire lackeys. This is actually a difficult fight if you don’t take out the guys on the left and right first. Devimon is capable of doing a lot of damage, be sure to stay healed up.

Memory UP 4 – Another boss fight, this time in the train station. I missed the boss name here but he takes it easy on you. He does a lot of damage but is slow and doesn’t attack as often as most other bosses. You shouldn’t have too much difficulty beating him with a couple strong Digimon.

Memory UP 5 – This is from a side case called “Nightmare Eater” which you get around chapter 4. All you need to do is go back to the Eden Entrance and go up to the corner again to beat the quest. Return to the board and you will have you reward.

Memory UP 6+7 – After the investigation with Yuuko into the Nile Corporation, during the main story, you get another 2x Memory Up defeating Jimiken. This is a battle with two of the blue fire Digimon and they are strong. Focus on one and bring him down as quickly as you can. This will make the other one hit harder but take more damage. Keep yourself healed up, a crit here can do 700+.

Memory UP 8 – During the main story, defeat Wisemon in the digital anomaly in Akihabara. This is actually a pretty hard fight, you really want a healer or a light damage type of Digimon like Angemon. He does a lot of AOE damage and one of his moves takes 50% of your current HP. If you heal to full he will use it every time. Keep yourself right around 50% and keep up the damage.

Memory UP 9 – You get this when you first go to Kowloon level 4, I believe it is in the third room. On the right side there will be an elevator that goes up to two chest. Inside this chest you will find a new Memory UP. there is a trainer here you will have to fight, it’s kind of mini boss but not that bad.

Memory UP 10 – During Chapter 8 you’ll have to investigate another dungeon in Shinjuku. The Memory Up item is located in a chest on the right hand side. It’s shortly after you defeat the two enemies to remove the giant obstacle blocking your progression.

Memory UP 11 – Complete the Case La Missel during Chapter 9.

Memory UP 12 – During Chapter 10 inside a chest in the Valhalla Server

Memory UP 13 DX – During the Chapter 10 battle inside Valhalla when you defeat MetalWarGreymon

Memory UP 14 – Complete the Shinjuku Food Tour Case in Chapter 13.

Memory UP 15 – During Chapter 14. You get a Memory UP item from defeating the boss inside Yamashina’s memory.

Memory UP 16 – When you hit Chapter 15 pick up the Case A Pet Digimon. When you follow Hackmon into the new area continue through to the orb to unlock the entire area. The chest is to the South of the orb.

Memory UP 17 – Defeat BanchoLeomon during the A Pet Digimon Case in Chapter 15.

Memory UP 18 – Defeat Dynasmon during the A Pet Digimon Case in Chapter 15.
We are updating this as we go so check back soon for more Memory UP locations!

Memory UP 19 – Complete Case Yuuko And Yuugo in Chapter 15.

Memory UP DX 20 – Defeat Barbamon at the end of Chapter 15

Memory UP 21 – At the end of the second area on Kowloon 5 inside the chest.

Memory UP DX 22 – Defeat Craniamon during Chapter 16 in Kowloon 5.

Memory UP 23 – Complete Case Ghost Cat Building during Chapter 16.

Memory UP DX 24 – Defeat Examon at the end of Chapter 16

Memory UP 25 – Complete the Dr Datamons Medicine Trial Case in Chapter 17.

Memory UP 26 – Defeat Crusadermon in Chapter 17

Memory UP DX 27 – Defeat Crusadermon in Chapter 18

Memory UP DX 28 – Defeat Dynasmon in Chapter 19

Memory UP 29 – Located in a chest just after the Dynasmon fight in Chapter 19

Memory UP DX 30 – Defeat Arata in Chapter 19

Memory UP DX 31 – Defeat Leopardmon in Chapter 19

Memory UP 32 – Complete the Case Boy A in Chapter 19. After you defeat Leopardmon and speak with Arata on the rooftop of the Metropolitan building.

Memory UP 33 – Complete Rina Shinomiyas Challenge Case in Chapter 19.

Memory UP 34 – Complete Comeback Show Case in Chapter 19.

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