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Dishonored Guide: Stealth Guide For The Golden Cat

Dishonored Guide: Stealth Guide For The Golden Cat
After clearing out most of the Distillery District and returning home to clear out the Sewers, you’re sent on a difficult mission to kill two brothers in The Golden Cat. This Dishonored Guide: The Golden Cat Guide will guide you through the mission and tell you how to complete it with a low Chaos Rating, including collectibles and hidden items.

Dishonored: Distillery District Stealth Guide

Things are a little different when you return to the Distillery District. There’s automated defenses now and depending on your actions in previous missions, potentially a lot of Weepers. Once you get off the boat head down the shore to the stairs. Keep your Dark Vision up as guards have new patrol paths now. You’ll only come across one on your way to the Whiskey Distillery, so wait for him to come down the final set of stairs before taking him out and heading on. Before you enter, there’s more Bone Charms nearby. Use Blink to get onto the rooftops and enter the open door on the broken balcony. Be cautious as an Assassin waits on the balcony and a Weeper is near the Bone Charm behind the wooden boards.

Then jump below and enter the Distillery. They won’t attack you this time round and don’t worry about the other Bone Charm just yet. Head inside and check some items and a piece of paper to your right. Then go through and speak with Slackjaw. On your way back out, before you leave that area, check the left side of the room. There’s a large Valve that opens a gate. Either slide under or Blink over the top to find the Distillery Reserve Key, some blueprints and other goodies. The key unlocks a door on the bottom floor of the large room, but you don’t want to open that yet.

Head back outside and the gate to the other Weepers will be open, put them to sleep and grab the Bone Charm. Head back outside to Bottle Street. Go back to Galvani’s Office using the same route you did previously and either dispatch of the Guard on the balcony or sneak past and go inside. Avoiding the Guards inside is simple, head upstairs. There’s a Rune near Crowley’s body so be sure to grab that and the clue, you can possess a Rat and go through the grate if you want to be fancy. A patrolling Guard carries the key to the nearby exit so pickpocket that or knock him out. There’s also a key for the lab on a nearby desk. You can travel to the bottom floor to search the room that was previously filled with rats. There’s also a locked safe but I couldn’t find the combination.

Return to the Distillery. Speak with Slackjaw and hand him the Audiograph. This time you can unlock the gate inside and kill the Weepers for some loot. Leave the area with your shiny new key and go back to Bottle Street. Head towards The Captain’s Chair. To get through the gate simply remove the Whale Oil and Blink through. Use the buildings to your right as you enter for cover, working your way over the rooftops to the Captain’s Chair Entrance. There’s a Bone Charm inside, be sure to grab that. Walk to the top floor and use the door to enter The Golden Cat.

Once you’re in walk along the rooftop and get out the Heart. Check the Rune to your right. Get to the roof directly above the Rune, use Blink to drop down and enter through the window. The Rune is on the table. Go back outside and enter The Golden Cat through the window above the balcony with the Guard. Travel to the top floor to find a Rune and the little girl. Don’t follow her, let her go. Head into the main middle room of The Golden Cat, you can’t miss it. The first room on your left has a Guard and a girl inside, the next room, The Silver Room, is where you want to be. Use the large golden circular thing in the middle of the room to travel around. Enter and continue to torture The Art Dealer until he tells you his safe code is 138.

If you want to use a non-lethal technique to take these guys down return the safe code to Slackjaw. Follow the rest of this guide for collectibles but don’t take out either of the brothers. If you want to kill them, the rest of this guide will show you how.

Exit the room and use Blink to get back onto the golden object raised in the middle, then up again onto the area above. If you go straight above from The Silver Room, you shouldn’t attract any attention. Sneak out to the balcony located next to The Gold Room and take out the Guard, paying careful attention to the Guard outside The Gold Room door, then follow the ledge around to get to the balcony of The Gold Room. Look into the windows and you’ll hear a conversation between one of the brothers and a girl, wait until he heads over to the other side of the room and head to the balcony door. He’ll walk back over to the other window and begin smoking a cigarette. Wait for him to finish and he returns to the music player again. This part requires precise timing but with a bit of skill you can grab him as he turns away from the music player and take him out onto the balcony without alerting the girl. I shouldn’t really have to tell you how to deal with this guy here but in case you missed it, throw him to a very delayed doom below. If you’re aware of a non-lethal way of taking this guy out, please leave a comment.

Using the same platforms inside the main area as before, work your way down to the bottom floor. If you look at the entrance to The Steam Room, there’s a small gap that you can use to enter, avoiding the main door and the 2 girls outside it. Head down the stairs and you’ll come across 2 Guards talking, wait for them to finish. Using Blink, or by taking control of a nearby Rat, get yourself to the room on the opposite side, the empty one. One of the Guards with path past, take him out and drag him inside, making sure NOT to drop him in the water. Then simply Blink across the room behind the other Guard and hide him in the same place. Now you can simply kill this guy here and be done with it, or there’s a more imaginative method. You’ll need mana so if you’re short, kill two birds with one stone and grab the Golden Cat Master Key.

Go back outside, anywhere is fine, and find the main entrance with the Large Golden Cat. As you look at the front, directly behind it is a balcony with one Guard, you may have already taken him out. Use the right side door, enter and turn to the Right. You can then pickpocket the key once inside and use it to unlock the locker for some mana. Go back onto the balcony and through the other door, then jump through the open window inside ahead. There’s 2 Guards that path the next room, wait for the one kneeling down to turn his back, grab him and put him back outside on the balcony. Go back into the room, being careful of the other patrolling Guard, and take the Rune piece off the wall.

Now head back down to The Steam Room using the same route as before. Now there are two options, you can either possess a fish to get into the room unseen and try something there, or get an achievement by burning him to death with boiling steam. Head into the room at the bottom of the stairs, use the valve with the broken pipe and turn it. That will kill both of those in the room. Now just head back towards the VIP entrance. Before leaving go all the way to the top floor using the stairs that lead down to the VIP entrance and use the Master Key to open the door with a Bone Charm inside, now just walk down to the VIP entrance and leave with Emily.

Before heading back to Samuel return to the Distillery and give Slackjaw the code to the safe. Then go to the Art Dealers apartment. To get inside climb the roof near the door, dispatch of the Assassin and then follow the pipes around until you reach the balcony. Directly inside is the first Sokolov Painting, the second is upstairs in the large safe, use the code 138. There’s also a third in the room opposite and a Rune in the same room.

Now return to Samuel to end this mission.

Andrew Fox – Provided non-lethal take down alternative.

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  1. Slackjaw says he will get rid of the two brothers in a non-lethal way if you get the art dealers safe combination for him. You don’t have to kill either of them.

  2. the safe code and things will change every time you play so it ownt be the same each time you do it and in the last quest if you read a book about his important date which was 28/7 for me is the code to the safe you get 500 coins

  3. Does getting spotted by the Weepers that have been released after talking to Slackjaw count as getting spotted? They get the alarm lightning bolts over their heads and the chime plays to say I’ve been spotted, but I don’t really see a way around it.


  4. Combination for the safe that is located in Galvani’s is date from the book where he written that someone invited him to party or something.. ayways just roll safe combination to date and you’ll have pouch inside of 500 Coins

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