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Pikmin 3 Guide – Distant Tundra Boss Guide

pikmin 3 phosbat
The Distant Tundra has the second boss that you will encounter. This guide will go over how to defeat the Vehemoth Phosbat in Pikmin 3. The Phosbat has a couple of different deadly attacks so look out! After defeating the boss you will find the Captain and finally have your third member of the team.

Vehemoth Phosbat Boss Guide

This boss is a little bit of a mixture between battle and puzzle. For this, you are going to want to have a lot of Yellow Pikmin (at least 20 but I recommend more like 50) mixed with a few Red and Rock. The Phosbat stays in the air most of the time and the Yellow Pikmin are much easier to chuck and hit the boss. The Yellow Pikmin also conduct electricity and that is very important for this section.

The Phosbat announces itself one time before the actual boss room. After seeing the Phosbat for the first time head into the next room and be ready with the Yellow Pikmin. Throw Pikmin at the ground where lanturns are burried. Bringing some light to the room will help with the fight tremendously.

There are a bunch of electric light switches that will need Yellow Pikmin to connect the light wires. Connecting wires will produce light and reveal the Phosbat. While the beast is down, throw some Pikmin on it’s back to deal some damage.

After the first time the Vehemoth Phosbat is attacked, it will start to attack back. The attacks are not very often, but just remember to keep moving. Any Pikmin on the back of the Phosbat have a chance to get coated in its poison. Call Poisoned Pikmin immediately to save them from the poison death.

Another attack the Vehemoth Phosbat will do is suck in Pikmin through a tornado like vortex. Again, just try to call the Pikmin over and over again to get them out of the vortex. Keep moving around the room and both of these attacks are pretty much pointless.

Before you can take out the Vehmoth Phosbat, you will need to turn on the big light in the room. To do this, there are a couple different sets of bridge pieces that Pikmin will need to carry. These piles are located on the North East corner in the room and the west wall of the room. The north east bridge pieces are behind a crystal, so Rock Pikmin will be needed to unblock the path. After the path is unblocked, throw 20 Pikmin to the pile to get them to take the bridge pieces to their destination. Make sure to follow them and whistle them to safety after the task is done.

The west bridge pieces are up a climbing stick. Find the climbing stick and throw 20 Pikmin at the stick. They will raise the climbing lead and then grab the bridge pieces. Now the real fun begins.

Head up the newly made bridge and there will be a giant car battery. Throw 20 Yellow Pikmin up on the battery and they will line up to conduct the electricity. Once this is done the whole room will fill with light. This will make the Vehemoth Phosbat very unhappy.

From there on the Phosbat will attack just like the attacks before but will also do a body slam move to kill off Pikmin. Make sure to not stand underneath it for to long. The Phosbat will land every 30 seconds or so giving an opportunity for Pikmin to be thrown on it’s back. If you can hit it in the sky with Yellow Pikmin, sometimes the Phosbat will drop to the ground as well. Continue the process until the creature dies and the third member of the Pikmin 3 team will be saved. Thanks for reading!

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