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DmC: Devil May Cry Hunter Boss Guide

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The first boss in DmC: Devil May Cry is the Hunter Demon, this is the demon the supposedly captured Dante’s parents; so it’s time for a little payback. You’ve spent the majority of the first level running from the Hunter Demon but now it’s time to stand and fight. The below DmC: Devil May Cry Hunter Boss Guide will highlight some of the abilities available to the boss as well as a few tactics to take him down quickly.

Hunter Demon Boss Guide

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A wise man once said, know thy enemy, and that’s the approach we take to our Boss Guides here at Gamers Heroes. Before you head into the fight check out the various abilities available to the Hunter Demon so you’re prepared for anything he throws at you.

His primary ability is his blade, it can cause some damage but it’s not hard to see it coming. Just before the Hunter Demon takes a swing of his sword the blade will shine, giving you ample time to get out the way. As the shine effect starts, prepare to dodge just as he’s about to swing. His second ability also focuses on his sword with an overhead attack. Again it’s a pretty easy one to avoid; as soon as you see him lift the blade over his head, take a simple dodge to the left or right.

His next ability won’t become active until he jumps onto the Roller Coaster. Once on top he’ll use his range attack via his gun; this is just basic dodging so pay attention to his fire rate and you shouldn’t have a problem. He won’t climb down unless you’re actually doing damage so be sure to shoot as you dodge. Be cautious once he jumps down as he uses a powerful shock-wave. It’s one of his harder abilities to dodge so just keep well out of the way if you can.

Be sure to use a Vital Star if you think you are going to die.

Now to the actual guide part.

When the fight begins shoot him a few times until he gets close, once he moves to within melee range he will use his primary sword attack. Remember to keep your eye on his blade, once it shines get out of the way. It’s quite a slow slice so once the attack has begun and you’re at a safe distance do as much damage as you can. It’s a pretty basic start to the Demon Hunter boss fight, just dodge and attack; dodge and attack.

As long as you keep attacking it doesn’t take long to get to the next stage. Eventually the Demon Hunter will stumble, giving you ample opportunity to target his head. Once he stumbles; hit his head as often as possible and you’ll knock him all the way down. Once he’s on the floor get right in his face and give him everything you’ve got, avoiding attacking from behind his arm and go straight for his head.

Once you’ve completed that phase he’ll jump onto the Roller Coaster and begin attacking with his gun. You’ve got to make sure you dodge his attacks as his gun ability is able to grab you and if you don’t escape the grab; it will kill you. Simply dodge his gun attack and then retaliate with your ranged ability, eventually he’ll jump down. Remember to be cautious when he jumps down; you’ll see a landing area on the floor, be sure you’re not standing in it.

When he returns to ground level he’ll repeat his original ability and add his overhead slice attack. Remember the information provided in the abilities above and you shouldn’t have a problem. Repeat the first stage, where you beat him down to the ground, and this time you’ll get to finish him off.

So there you have it. A very simple DmC: Devil May Cry Hunter Boss Guide to help you get through the first Boss Battle.

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