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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Monster Adornment Locations

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Monster Adornment Locations

In Final Fantasy 13-2 they add a new feature which is using monsters in your party. The monster will take the place of a third member. You can customize the creatures with Monster Adornments. This location guide will help you find them. So let’s go.

This is a work in progress and if you know one I missed leave a comment. I will find it then find it, add it and give you credits. I will try to keep it as spoiler free as possible.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Adornment location guide 1 – Leabreu’s Olive Tattoo – After the meteorite part where Noel explains about time travel you will wake up back in your house. There will be a box in your room that you can open. Open it up and get the item!

Final Fantasy 13-2 Adornment location guide 2 – Silver Gear – While fighting Paradox Alpha you will have to do a few cinematic scenes. Those are when you have to push buttons are certain moments of a cut scene. Do it successfully and you get this after the fight.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Adornment location guide 3 – Orange Newsboy Cap – When you make it to Atlas you get the choice of facing him head or on trying a switch. Instead of heading at Atlas take the other path up the ramp and follow it down. You will see Chobocolina and on the other side is a chest. Go to the chest and open it for the hat.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Adornment location guide 4 – Fragment Crystal – You get this as a Cinematic bonus when you beat Atlas. Do it correctly to get the item.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Adornment location guide 5 – Multiple – In Oreba as you go you will run into Chocolina. Go to the special section of her items and you can buy TONS of monster items.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Adornment location guide 6 – Multiple – You can buy them in Serendipity for gil or with tickets if you can win the games. They are a bit expensive but if you are looking to get them all you need to stop here.

That will end the Final Fantasy 13-2 Adornment location guide.

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    1. You probably didn’t get them because the explanation is wrong/ incomplete

      Frankly, I fail to understand how this can constitute an adornment location guide. There are dozens and dozens of said adornments in the game, yet you have five entries only. And without reading any further, I can already tell you that the first one is wrong, or at least incomplete

      Ashen, to get the tattoo, you need to have at least 5 live triggers BEFORE your first fight against Gogmagog. After that fight, you’re back in Serah’s room where the box will appear with the tattoo. However, in some cases, there are one or more possible so-called “funny answers” – if you have at least 5 live trigger AND select a “funny answer” three times or more, you get the Golden Flowers adornment instead of the tattoo. If you have less than 5 live triggers, you get a potion as LT reward

      Hope it helps

      1. Johnny is covering quite a large game, while working 35+ hours a week. A lot of the guides we write generate extra content from users feedback and suggestions. Sadly, this guide doesn’t seem to have gotten much interest, under a 1000 views at the moment so he put more time into the other guides he was covering. Please be patient, I’m sure it will get updated as soon as possible.

        1. Ok, maybe I don’t understand how guides at GH work, being new around here. Is it customary to publish guides even though they are in their *very* early stages? I would understand perfectly that you’d want to work in stages if you aim at writing a whole walkthrough – that’s very time-intensive. But lists?

          If that’s the customary, then I am sorry to have criticized out of turn. But I do find that a bit surprising 🙂

          1. If we were a large company getting paid ridiculous amounts to write info, I’m sure we’d be happy to follow everything through. Sadly, we’re 2 guys, both with regular jobs and a family life, just trying to accomplish something with our spare time. All of our popular articles are mostly completed. I’ll use Kingdoms of Amalur for example, I spent 25 hours in 2 days playing that game and writing guides, only for the most popular guide to get 100 hits in the first week, which is obviously dreadful 😀 So with 2 days of work on the site, I helped less than 100 people, annoyed my gf and spent more on electric running my PC than we earned through advertisements. Not great really 😀

            Usually a lot of people come forward with help and info, the community helped a great deal with our Skyrim articles. A lot of those were published incomplete but thanks to the dedication of our Guest Heroes, they turned out to be very resourceful guides. We even offer a service where we pay people the advertising revenue we generate if they publish the articles.

            All we’re trying to do is create a decent place for like-minded people to get together and help each-other out, due to Google algorithms, and competition, it’s actually very time consuming so we have to put our energy to where it makes the most difference, I hope you can understand 😀

          2. Quite Frankly I thought it’d be a larger part of the game but it isn’t You need to do the right speech things and do perfect cinematic actions top get them half the time. If not you can just go buy them from a Chocolina. I will get on it though I had to do a couple other things.

        2. I am also working on my own FF XIII-2 walkthrough which I will publish on my website (which is ad-less, so it will never make me any money) and I also have a full time job (luckily!), so I have a good idea where you guys come from 😉

          I’d like to make a suggestion then: when you are publishing an article that’s only really a shell with a small fraction of the total information that it will contain at a later date, maybe you should add something just under the main title, like “This article is a shell/ is in its infancy and will be completed later on” – that way, people like me, who come to the site straight from Google, will know where things are at from the start. I know it is written in the intro that it is a wip, but the words “if you know one I missed” suggested to me that this was supposed to be already a more or less complete list, with maybe a few entries missing

          As you may know, there are other websites that pay people for writing content where some posts are pretty much useless and/or wrong, but use keywords that they know will generate clicks and thus money for themselves. That’s what I thought this here was about to – but I understand know that I was wrong about that 🙂

  1. If there’s one thing that can be said about Adornments, it’s that they are given at specific events in the game, such as Cinematic Action sequences and Live Trigger segments.

    Unfortunately, I could not collect them all. One screw up of the Cinematic Action sequence, and you are out of luck. Cinematic Action is quite possibly the most annoying feature in 13-2, to be perfectly honest.

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