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Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide – Chapter 9: Emmeryn Guide

The King of another land has stolen Emmeryn and is going to have her executed in Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: Awakening. This Fire Emblem: Awakening Chapter 9: Emmeryn Guide will go over some strategies for taking on this mission and how to pick up a couple of allies in the process. The enemies themselves are not the difficult part of the mission, it’s the terrain that will cause a problem. Lets trudge through the sand and kill ourselves some baddies.

Chapter 9: Emmeryn Guide
  • Character Unlock: Libra will join your party If you get close to her with Chrom.
  • Character Unlock: Tharja will join your party if you talk to her with Chrom.
  • Item Unlock: You will get a Dracoshield for beating the boss.
  • Item Unlock: Defeating the boss will give you an energy drop. These can be used to increase strength by 2.

For this fight your goal is to save Emmeryn. Having some units that can move quickly through the sand will be very helpful. Your team will start in the top left corner of the map. Form a good line and make your way downward towards the green character Libra who is a very strong War Monk.

After you make your first move a character called Tharja will pop up some dialog and Libra will attack an enemy. Tharja seems unhappy with the battle. If you talk to her with Chrom, you will be able to recruit her. Try not to accidentally kill her before you can turn her over to your side.

Continue going towards the bottom of the map, taking out any enemies along the way. This may be a slow roll if you only have ground troops. Eventually a reinforcement group of Wyvern Riders will show up behind you where you originally started. Keep some Wind Mages or Archers in the back to take care of these flying beasts.

By this point you will have probably made it to Libra. Once Chrom gets within fighting distance of her she will come up to him and have a conversation. She will join your squad and she is a great character to have. Annnnnd then you find out Libra is a man. This caught me off gaurd so I won’t change the tenses in this paragraph or the ones before it. Once Libra joins your squad, you can focus on taking out the dragon riding enemies behind you.

After taking the Wyvern riders you can focus on the 6 or 7 enemies in the bottom right corner of the map. This is your opportunity to gather your troops into a strategic bunch. Try to take out most of the enemies without breaching the castle wall for the boss. Check your targets too, Tharja is recruitable if you can get to her with Chrom and talk to her. My suggestion is to inch forward to get the surrounding enemies to come to you and then put Chrom as close to her as you can without invading the attack red zone. From there you should be able to reach Tharja and talk to her without attacking her once.

Then you can take on the boss. He uses a throwing spear so be careful because he can attack from two squares away. Take in your heavy characters and wipe him out. Finishing off the boss gives you a shield you can use to boost strength.

After you beat the boss there will be a story bit and this is a HUGE SPOILER TURN BACK NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT STORY SPOILERS. You will have a choice to Sacrifice Emmeryn or to not. Know that either way, there is a specific outcome that both paths will lead to. Do not fret on the question to much because the ending will still be the same. END SPOILER.

I hope that this guide helped you. If you would like any more Fire Emblem: Awakening help you can check out our Guide Collection page. It has links for guides for each challenge, chapter and side mission in the game. If you need any more help in this particular chapter, hit us up in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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