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Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide – Paralogue 6: A Man for Flowers Guide

The Paralogue missions are side missions in Fire Emblem: Awakening that unlock powerful characters that are children of your fighters. This Fire Emblem: Awakening Paralogue 6: A Man for Flowers Guide will go over how to recruit Inigo. For this mission to be unlocked you will have to complete Chapter 13 and Olivia will have to be married to someone. If you would like help in other Paralogue missions, you can check out our Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide Page that has links to all of the Chapters and Paralogues. Now, let’s recruit Inigo!

Paralogue 6 Guide
  • Character Unlock: Inigo will join your squad after you talk to him with Chrom.
  • XP Unlock: Look for the shinning squares on the map, these areas have increases in either XP or weapon proficiency increases.
  • Item Unlock: After beating the boss of the level you will get a Master Seal.

The 6th Paralogue in Fire Emblem: Awakening is actually a lot easier then it seems. This is by far the biggest map I had seen so far with a decent amount of enemies on it (27). However there is a really good strategy to beat this Paralogue and it has to do with setting up a barrier.

A good majority of the enemies are melee characters inside this swerve like map. However the exit to the map is only two spaces wide. The best thing to do is set up some defenses at this point and let them come to you. Put some heavy melee characters blocking the door, backed by strong relationship support characters, followed then by archers and healers. This will create an impenetrable wall that will not allow these characters to come through.

Now eventually you are going to want to make your way north or south of this opening. When you do this, a good dose of powerful flying enemies will come for you. Your going to want to have some wind magic, some archers and some knights to deal with them. Talk to Inigo with Chrom after the first turn to recruit him on to your team and then fall back into your formation.

Most of the enemies are really strong. It takes a really good line of defense and some tactics to get through this one. Just protect the weaker units by pairing them with stronger units if you have to when it comes down to it. Don’t move to forward to quickly, in face you may want to back peddle some of the time so you don’t bring more enemies in after you.

After you take care of the flying enemies slowly make your way into the maze. Your going to want to block the path north and south with strong melee characters. Don’t stack to many people inside here, as some enemies can hit from a couple blocks away and you want to have room. Go square by square and let the enemies come to you. This will be kind of a boring process, but it will keep you alive.

Then you have to deal with the characters that are inside the grooves that are ranged characters. If you have a sniper with a longbow or other strong bow, this is probably the way to handle the situation. If you do not, then go at them with powerful magic characters. If you can clear one side at first, then you can sneak a bunch of melee characters around to the other side so that you won’t be shooting through one spot in the wall.

Eventually after you have cleared everyone else out there will be just the boss left. The boss is tough as nails. He has a silver sword, a silver bow, and a master seal on him. Make sure to stay far away from this guy with anyone that is touchy to bows. Take your heaviest hitters across the map and wait until you can get a good three or four good shots on him. Finish him off and you will finally be done with this Paralogue and you will have an awesome character.

I hope that this guide helped you. I know that I had a problem with this Paralogue for quite a while. If you would like to see more of our Fire Emblem: Awakening guides you can head over to our Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide Collection page. If you need any more help with this chapter, just leave a comment below! We will sure to be with you as soon as we see it.

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