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Heroes of Ruin Gunslinger Skill Trees

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Heroes of Ruin is a third person, Diablo like, dungeon crawler from Square-Enix London. This guide goes over the three different skill trees for the Gunslinger class in Heroes of Ruin. The three skill trees are named the Saboteur, the Wildcard and the Commando. Each tree has 5 skills that can be leveled up to become stronger or give extra buffs to other Heroes around you.

Saboteur Tree Skills

Name of PowerDescription of PowerPrerequisite Skills
Blaze WaveBlaze Wave shoots a volley of shots in an arc, with a chance to light enemies on fire.None
BolasBolas allows you to throw a whirling cord. It slows an enemy, with a chance to stun them that gets more likely the longer you charge the attackNone
Adrenaline RushAdrenaline Rush boosts your energy regen and your speed. At max rank, it does the same for nearby party members.Blaze Wave
Crowd StopperCrowd Stopper throws a homemade explosive at your feet, stunning nearby enemies and giving you a quick boost of speed.Bolas
Armor Piercing AmmoArmor Piercing Ammo allows your shots to pierce targets. At max rank, it confers the same benefit to nearby party members.Adrenaline Rush
Crowd Stopper

Wildcard Tree Skills

Name of PowerDescription of PowerPrerequisite Skills
Fortune’s FavorFortune’s Favor allows you to regenerate health whenever you find gold. At max rank, it does the same for nearby party members.None
Luck of the DrawLuck of the Draw gives you a chance to apply a random status effect to a target on hit. At max rank, nearby party members can do likewise.None
Rupture BladeRupture Blade is a ricocheting projectile that wounds enemies that it slices, dealing damage over time.Fortune’s Favor
ShrapnelShrapnel makes all of your bullet attacks use explosive ammo, causing damage in a small area when it hits.Luck of the Draw
Escape ArtistEscape Artist reduces the duration of restrictive status effects against you, and reduces the energy cost of Explosive Retreat.Rupture Blade

Commando Tree Skills

Name of PowerDescription of PowerPrerequisite Skills
Explosive RetreatExplosive Retreat hurls you backwards, while simultaneously tossing a stunning grenade at targets in front of you.None
SharpshooterSharpshooter gives you a chance to gain a bonus to critical strike chance and damage, as well as a small bonus to speed whenever you kill an enemy.None
Battle HardenedBattle Hardened makes you tougher, increasing your damage resistance and your health regeneration rate.Explosive Retreat
Bullet BarrageBullet Barrage is a channeled attack that allows you to move and shoot at the same time.Sharpshooter
BulletswarmBulletswarm unleashes attack after attack against all enemies nearby. Each kill earns you a shield that absorbs damage.Battle Hardened
Bullet Barrage

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