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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Guide – Confront the Source Gloomy Manor Boss Guide

The Bosses in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon are very puzzley in which you have to do certain things to hurt a boss. This Confront the Source Gloomy Manor Boss Guide will go over how to take out the Giant Spider boss in Luigi’s Mansion. There are a few different steps that can be tricky but once you figure out a good pattern the spider is pretty easy to beat.

Gloomy Manor Spider Boss Guide

The First Hit:
You’ll notice when you first walk into the cellar that there is a statue with a light piece of cloth or spider web at the end of his sword. He is going to be key for solving all of the different parts of this bosses puzzles. The first thing you need to do is walk up to the spider. It will rear up and open it’s eyes. Point your flashlight up towards the spiders eyes and flash it. This will stun the spider. Suck up the spider ball at the bottom of the spider while it is still dazed and pull it back towards the statue with the burning end. Drag the ball past the statue and it will light the spider web acting like a fuse. A ghost will pop out of the spider that can than be flashed and tried to caught before moving on to the next section of the boss. The Spider will run down the hallway before unlocking the next section. Run next to the stairs to avoid being hit.

The Second Hit:
After the ghost goes back to the spider body you will see a fan like object that has a spider web ball attached to it with some spider web string. Spin the fan around by sucking or blowing air at it with the Poltergust. Keep doing it until it spins rapidly and the ball will catch on fire from the statue that has a lit end. This will open up two other areas and another statue will fall down. Now go back up to the spider and continue the process as before. Flash it in the eyes and grab the ball. Avoid the falling spiders and the goo that the spider will shoot at you. Eventually the statue will lunge forward and stick the spider web ball into it. Spin the fan around again rapidly to light both parts on fire and get another hit against the spider boss. The ghost will jump out of the body of the spider again so you can start sucking him up. The cycle will repeat again after you suck him up. Run next to the stairs when the spider comes back to run down the hallway.

The Third Hit:
A third section of the hallway will break away and the spider will now be sitting against the wall again. Run up towards the spider and you will see a loose ball of spiderweb over on the right side. Suck up the ball and take it back to the first statue that has the fire piece lit on the end. Now that you have a fire ball you can move it up towards the boss spider. Over on the left side, just next to the spider is another statue that is encased in some spiderwebs. Use the lit spider web ball that you have to free him. Go up to the spider, flash him in the eyes and grab the fuse spiderweb again like you did already twice. Drag it back to your new statue friend with a lit end. Avoid the spiders from the celing and the goo that spider shoots out. Lite the ball on fire and the ghost will come out of the spider. This time after you fill up the Poltergust’s bar fully you will suck in the boss ghost and be able to grab a Dark Moon Fragment.

I hope that this guide helped you. If you need any more explanation or any other help on the boss make sure to hit us up in the comments below. For everything else Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon related, check out our homepage and keep it locked to Gamers Heroes.

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