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Pikmin 3 Guide – Garden of Hope Boss Guide

The Armored Mawdad is the first boss that you will come across in the Garden of Hope. This Centipede looking boss in Pikmin 3 is not to terribly deadly, as long as you know how to deal with his moves. This Garden of Hope Pikmin 3 Boss Guide will go over how to deal with this unruly centipede and how to get you on your way.

Armored Mawdad Boss Guide

The Armored Mawdad boss only really has one deadly move and that is scooping up Pikmin in his jowls. For this fight it is best to bring an even amount of Rock Pikmin and Red Pikmin because you will need them both. At first the Armored Mawdad will give you plenty of warning before charging your bunch of Pikmin. Move sideways around the Mawdad to avoid this attack. Any Pikmin caught up in his pincers will likely die, so try to avoid this attack at all cost.

To kill the Armored Mawdad you will have to break his Crystal Armor. To do this, toss Rock Pikmin at any of the crystal spots. The smaller pieces of armor are easier to break on the back side of the Mawdad, farther away away from the death jowls but are difficult targets to hit. The Mawdad’s face armor is much stronger, in the line of danger but is easier to hit. Most of the time I just ended up tossing Rock Pikmin at its dumb face because it was easier to hit. As long as you keep moving the risk of Pikmin death is pretty little.

Once you get some of the armor off it is time to toss some Red Pikmin on the Mawdad. The Red Pikmin will grab ahold of the Mawdad as long as the crystal armor is removed. Make sure to blow your wistle every once in a while to collect the Pikmin that fall off and are standing next to the deadly centipede.

After doing this process a couple of times the Mawdad will get low in health. There is a second attack that the Mawdad does that is very similar to the first attack, for one exception. The Mawdad will crawl on the walls and attack from there to scoop up Pikmin in his jowls. If you break the head piece off, you can toss Red Pikmin to smack up his face and release any comrads that are caught. Keep throwing Red Pikmin at the fleshy parts of the Mawdad and eventually it will die leaving the crew a phone, a fruit and a dead Mawdad worth a decent amount of Pikmin.

I hope that this guide was helpful. We will be posting Pikmin 3 guides up sparatically as we make our way through the game. Make sure to check our homepage for more guides! Thanks for reading!

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