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Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Guide: Castelia City Gym Guide

Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Guide Castelia City Gym Guide

Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 are the first direct squeals in the giant franchise in Pokemon history for the Nintendo handhelds. These Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 guides will go over all of the gyms in the game. We will go over the different trainers working up to each gym leader along with suggested paths to get to each leader. To top it off we will also show our Pokemon lineup and include any other helpful information that we can. This is the guide for the Castelia City Gym in Unova. If you have need a Pokemon type chart make while you are doing this we will leave one right here on the first page of the post. Lets get started!

Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Guide Castelia City Gym Guide 2

Castelia City Gym

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The Castelia City Gym is the third gym that you will come across. If you try to go to the gym right after getting into town you will have to divert and go underground to find Burgh before being able to take on the gym. The best area to train before heading to this gym is subway underground and in the buildings of Castelia City. There are some rock Pokemon in the tunnels that will work well against the bug Pokemon of the Gym. The gym has 4 trainers for warm up and has cocoon paths to take you to Burgh.

Our Pokemon:

Pokemon Level type
Tranquill 23 Flying/Normal
Psyduck 20 Water
Liepard 20 Dark
Servine 21 Grass
Flaffy 21 Electric
Lucario 21 Fighting/Steel

Tranquill can be the main star of this gym. The Castelia City Gym is all about bug type pokemon. Using flying type moves can whittle these bugs down quickly. You can also grab some rock and ground type pokemon in the underground section of Castelia city that will work well. Some of the trainers have Dwebbles which are also rock type so water moves will work well against those. Fire Pokemon like Growlith and Magby are also an option against the grass/bug types that are in this gym.

Suggested Gym Path:
Go up the center stalk and head to the Harlequin on the right. From there you can head up the right stalk. Moving over to the big egg sack a Harlequin will pop out. Going through his sack to another Harlequin. Moving through the right side of the cocoon you will be on the left part of the gym. Head over to the Harlequin by where you exited. Head through the left side of the tube to get up to Burgh.

Gym Trainers Pokemon:

Harlequin 1:

Pokemon Level type
Sewaddle 20 Bug
Sewaddle 20 Bug
Harlequin 2:

Pokemon Level type
Combee 20 Bug/Flying
Swadloon 20 Bug/Grass
Harlequin 3:

Pokemon Level type
Sewaddle 19 Bug
Dwebble 19 Bug/Rock
Combee 19 Bug/Flying
Harlequin 4:

Pokemon Level type
Dwebble 20 Bug/Rock
Swadloon 20 Bug/Grass

These trainers are starting to get tougher. Try to get a couple of Pokemon up to level 22 at least that have some flying moves. Again fire types would be another good option. Stock up on some healing items and head to the Gym Leader Battle.

Gym Leader Burgh’s Pokemon:

Pokemon Level type
Swaloon 22 Bug/Grass
Dwebble 22 Bug/Rock
Leavanny 24 Bug/Grass

This Gym leader does not do anything to annoying that will put your Pokemon out. The move Struggle Bug is a bug type move that can lower the special attack of a Pokemon. This can hurt if you stick with one Pokemon through the whole battle so just switch out a couple of times. After beating Burgh he will give you your third Gym Bage, named the Insect Badge, and TM76 which is Struggle Bug.

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