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Pokemon Conquest Kingdom’s Guide

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Pokémon Conquest, as good as it is, is a game that does not really describe a whole lot of its mechanics to players. This guide is here to provide Pokémon Conquest help by going over the different Kingdoms and Pokemon types to give you a heads up on what to bring into battle. Make sure to bookmark the page so you can come back for more info! This Pokemon Conquest guide contains:
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  • Pokemon Type Chart
  • Pokemon Passwords
  • Kingdom of Aurora Guide
  • Kingdom of Ignis Guide
  • Kindom of Motonari Guide
  • Kingdom of Fontaine Guide
  • Kindom of Violight Guide
  • Kingdom of Chrysalia Guide
  • Kingdom of Pugilis Guide
  • Kingdom of Illusion Guide
  • Kingdom of Terrera Guide
  • Kingdom of Cragspur Guide
  • Kingdom of Avia Guide
  • Kingdom of Viperia Guide
  • Kingdom of Yaksha Guide
  • Kingdom of Spectra Guide
  • Kingdom of Valora Guide
  • Kingdom of Nixtorm Guide
  • Kingdom of Drangor Guide

Pokemon Type Chart

Here is a type chart designed to help you know what type of Pokemon to bring into battle. If you played any of the Pokemon games in the past then this stuff is probably already known. Look at the list at the top to start. If you know you are battling a specific type of Pokemon (say from a specific kingdom) then go down the rows under that type. Look for Pokemon with the same type as the red squares so every hit counts and does amazing damage.


Pokemon Passwords

Now that you have a Pokemon type chart I also have listed a variety of codes to help you on your journey. These codes can only be entered after you conquer the 5th Kingdom and only one at a time. The Pokemon will appear after you move to the next month. Make sure to save so you can go through the battle a couple of times to find the best links with Pokemon and Warrior.

Pokemon Code Outlet Received From
Eevee 2rz3XFCKmR Nintendo Power
Dratini Sr5Z5GqAgR Insert
Gyarados mq2xRVNgRL IGN
Cinccino vVALFrGTXX Nintendo World Store
Oshawott frCLRpXG88 Official Site
Gible LTb3n3RYJ8 Official Site
Pansear niE33w9rwM Toys ‘R’ Us
Panpour CNZF3wpq3x Toys ‘R’ Us
Axew BqWxXEK3xg Gamestop
Darmanitan pK5RgzqLG8 Gamestop
Sneasel Rc338MpqLx Gamestop
Beldum CMqkZRRSRX Gamestop
Lavitar Lpu3ggCYk8 Gamestop
Emolga Jnm3kqgN8X Gamestop
Pikachu FZP8GqRZRR Gamestop
Riolu Shw8mxRAJR Gamestop
Scyther 8GV3LMGrnM Gamestop
Lapras GfV33RVN3F Gamestops

Kingdom of Aurora Guide

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Koroku 75 Tepig Fire
Nagayasu 68 Bidoof Normal

This is the first nation that you start on. A bunch of tutorials and basics are kind of thrown in your direction.

You meet your first partner and have your first battle here. Two of the Warriors from Ignis come over with with a Tepig and Bidoof. This interaction is made to be your introduction to the grid like battlefield. After a couple of moves the battle will be over and you will be caught up on the basics of how to fight.

Kingdom of Ignis Guide

Fire Kingdom – Strong against Grass – Weak against Water

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Hideyoshi 66 Chimchar Fire
Koroku 75 Tepig Fire
Nagayasu 68 Bidoof Normal

Kingdom of Ignis is the Kingdom of fire. There are different pathways that can be traveled across by fire type pokemon. This makes it so the two fire pokemon, Chimchar and Tepig, have free ranged moment while your squad is stuck to the paths. Watch for the falling boulders and spouts of fire or fire geysers. Different areas will open up based on where the fire geysers are open. The hot pools of water can be used to heal you Pokemon so they are great spots to attack from. Be careful because Chimchar and Tepig can attack from two squares away.

After the battle you will get a chance to fight a new Warrior. Warrior battles are key for building your army. Make sure you put down these new Warriors in under 4 turns so that you can recruit them. In latter battles the special Warlord’s need to be put down by one of your special warlords or else you won’t be able to recruit them. After a couple of battles you will pick up a couple of fire Pokemon for the next battle.

Kingdom of Motonari Guide

Grass Kingdom – Strong against Water – Weak against Fire

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Motonari 69 Snivy Grass
Motoharu 92 Pansaga Grass
Takage 69 Sweedle Bug/Grass
Takanoto 71 Sewaddle Bug/Grass

This is a perfect battle for your brand new Warrior that you picked up in Ignis. The grass type Kingdom of Motonari gives you a first chance to look at Pokemon types and to take advantage of super effective attacks. Also this battle introduces a new battle mechanic. The banner battles are a fight for who can claim all the banners. Taking out enemies is effective, but using your Warrior Ability to get ahead of the pack can change the hands of battle.

The vines on by the enemy lines will extend and return back every couple of turns allowing for a bridge. Also pay attention to the color of the long grass. If you wait or fight from any of the long grass you will be transported to the other portion of long grass of the same color. You can get around really quick with these shortcuts. Most of the battle is strait forward and as long as you get to the flags you will be just fine. You don’t have to kill all of the enemy Pokemon just grab the flags.

After you beat the Kingdom Leader make sure to take a couple of months to pick up some grass Pokemon Warriors. They will come in very handy for the next Kingdom. In general it is a good idea to stick around in the Kingdom you acquire to build up your army.

Kingdom of Fontaine Guide

Water Kingdom – Strong Against Fire – Weak Against Grass/Electric

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Motochika 103 Oshawott Water
Nobuchika 95 Panpour Water
Morichika 74 Wooper Water/Ground
Chikamasa 84 Piplup Water

This battle has a couple of quirks to it. The buttons on the battlefield close or open the dam to allow non water Pokemon to cross. Be careful to not stay in the trench because being caught up in the stream is not good. Also watch out for the waterfall on the island of the west side. Being next to the waterfall will cause damage to Pokemon.

Kingdom of Violight Guide

Lightning Kingdom – Strong Against Water/flying – Weak Against Ground/Grass

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Ginchiyo 113 Shinx Electric
Muneshige 110 Starly Normal/Flying
Shoun 91 Pichu Electric
Sorin 114 Panpour Water
Takatane 109 Mareep Electric

Violight Kingdom is the electric Kingdom. On the battlefield there are electric switches that set off an electric reaction on the squares that are the same color as the button pushed. Blocking these buttons is a good idea, but if you have grass and bug type Pokemon the electric won’t do much damage. If you do have these types be careful however because there is a Flying type on the enemy team. Also be careful of the electric system tower that activates every two or three turns. Also if you stand right next to the big center tower it will electrocute your Pokemon. As long as you don’t have any water Pokemon this tower won’t effect you too much though. Try to kill everything quickly with your special Warriors so you can recruit as much as possible and move on.

Kingdom of Chrysalia Guide

Bug Kingdom – Strong Against Grass/Psychic- Weak Against Fire/Flying/Rock

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Yoshimoto 141 Pineco Bug
Ujichika 123 Venipede Bug/Poison
Sessai 140 Spheal Ice/Water
Masatsuna 114 Venipede Bug/Poison
Yasutomo 123 Sewaddle Bug/Grass

The bug Kingdom has a battlefield built around Pokemari. Pokemari is a battle type where big balls will be placed in the sand garden after every turn. If you hit one of these balls with your Pokemon it will hit every Pokemon in it’s path. If you can catch a couple of Pokemon in a strait line this might be a good option during battle. Even if your Pokemon is across the map it can still do some damage by hitting the Pokamri Ball. Keep an eye out for that.

Other than the Pokemari aspect of the fight it is pretty much a strait forward fight. Be careful of the ice type Pokemon Spheal. If you bring a bunch of fire Pokemon into battle they can take out the Ice Pokemon as well as the bug types. Look out for the Pokemari balls, but everything else should go in your favor.

Kingdom of Pugilis Guide

Fighting Kingdom – Strong Against Normal – Weak Against Flying/Psychic

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Yoshihiro 214 Gurder Fighting
Tadamoto 175 Timburr Fighting
Todatsune 159 Pansage Grass
Takahisa 160 Machop Fighting
Kenemori 164 Timburr Fighting

This battle is probably the first battle that is a little bit tricky. The fighting Pokemon are a stronger than anything before. This match is also a flag capture match. However unlike the grass banner match you must hold the banners for 5 rounds to win. When I played through it, it was much easier to just kill all of he enemy Pokemon.

Also the ends of the middle platform are a treacherous place. Any Pokemon along the edge can be knocked out. Use this to your advantage. Knock out the opponents as soon as they are on the edge. It will take a couple of turns for them to get around back into the fight.

Flying types along with a bug type or two is really the way to go. Flying types can be knocked off the center platform and not be effected to much. Bug types also can take hits extensively from the fighting type Pokemon. If you sit a strong bug type in the walkway of the center platform to bottle up the enemy Pokemon, they won’t be able to reach the platform at all.

Kingdom of Illusio Guide

Psychic Kingdom – Strong Against Fire/Poison – Weak Against Bug/Dark/Ghost

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Kenshin 292 Gallade Psychic/Fighting
Aya 183 Cubchoo Ice
Kanetsugu 179 Kirlia Psychic
Kagekatsu 203 Abra Psychic
Yataro 205 Dilbur Ground
Sen 141 Ralts Psychic

Before you can invade the Kingdom of Illusion his minions cross over and to your Kingdom to test your skills. This will give you an idea of what is to come. Again be careful of the Ice Pokemon. Ice is a type that effects a ton of different type of Pokemon.

The actual battle in Illusion is a fun one. Different portals will transport you to different parts of the map. I never caught all of the flags so I don’t know how long you have to keep them to win but it is possible to win through flag capture. After you go through a portal thats in the middle of the map, you can “wait” on a platform and take it to the closest banner location. Grabbing Sneasel, a dark type pokemon, from the password list helps a ton in the fight. Dark type is useful against psychic so (s)he is a good option. Beat up on all the psychic type Pokemon and move onto the next battle!

Kingdom of Terrera Guide

Ground Kingdom – Strong Against Fire/Steel/Rock/Poison – Weak Against Grass/Water/Ice

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Shingen 321 Rhyperior Gound/Rock
Yukimura 205 Tepig Fire
Kunoichi 179 Scraggy Dark/Fight
Katsuyori 219 Rhyhorn Ground/Rock
Masatoyo 205 Dilbur Ground
Kei 177 Charmander Fire

After beating the Warriors at Illusion Shingen showed up for me and joined my army. If you complete all the Kingdoms before trying to go to Terrera then you get a very strong Rhyperior with a very strong Warrior. Don’t do this fight. Go back to the other areas and choose other Kingdoms.

Kingdom of Cragspur

Rock Kingdom – Strong Against Fire/Bug/Normal – Weak Against Water/Grass/Fighting

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Ujiyasu 256 Bldore Rock
Kai 209 Pansear Fire
Tsunashige 223 Machop Fighting
Ujimasa 204 Larvitar Ground/Rock
Ujiteru 214 Onix Ground/Rock
Ujikuni 194 Roggenrola Rock

Cragspur’s battlefield has switches that open up different doorways. These doorways can act as gates that Pokemon can get stuck behind. The battlefield also has big rocks or boulders that can be attacked falling on Pokemon like the Pokamari battles from before in the grass Kingdom. Make sure to be careful if you have a grass Pokemon to fight the Rock Pokemon. There is a lonely Pansear there that will be super effective against grass.

Kingdom of Avia Guide

Flying Kingdom – Strong Against Ground – Weak Against Electric/Rock/Ice

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Masamune 380 Braviary Normal/Flying
Magoichi 300 Carnivine Grass
Kagetsuna 318 Starly Normal/Flying
Shiezane 269 Staravia Normal/Flying
Tsunamoto 296 Golbat Poison/Flying
Iroha 270 Rufflet Normal/Flying

Make sure to not send all of your Pokemon from one Kingdom. Right around this Kingdom enemy forces will take an empty Kingdom from you. Choose your character, Oichi, and one other Pokemon for the main battle and then get more Warriors from surrounding areas. This way none of your Kingdoms will be captured while you’re battling away!

Avia Kingdom was another enjoyable fight. There are jumps that litter the battlefield to get around quickly. It was nice to have these jumps because the flying Pokemon that you are battling can fly anywhere. Use these jumps to your advantage.

From where you start the right jump straight ahead will jump you three times. This covers a ton of ground quickly. I sent two strong electric Pokemon on this jump and then sent my other four to the left. Hopefully spreading out the enemy forces. Somehow the AI was smart enough to box one of my electric Pokemon in, but the battle was pretty simple.

Kingdom of Viperia

Poison Kingdom – Strong Against Grass – Weak Against Ground/Psychic

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Nene 296 Golbat Poison/Flying
Hideyoshi 297 Carnivine Fire/Fighting
Hanzo 264 Starly Ghost/Dark
Hatsume 197 Staravia Poison/Flying
Sandayu 265 Golbat Poison
Chiyome 199 Rufflet Poison

Viperia is kind of a pain in the butt. Different passageways and trap doors are all over the place. Plus there are pools of poison on the ground. Make sure to stay clear of these poison spots and to bring a bunch of antidotes. A Warrior or two with the Warrior skill Detox will also be handy. If you do get poisoned, you can always jump into the hot tub looking pools of water. These will get rid of the poison and also give you a little buff of HP. Collect all the flags and the Kingdom of Viperia will be yours.

Kingdom of Yaksha Guide

Poison Kingdom – Strong Against Psychic/Ghost – Weak Against Fighting/Bug

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Nene 296 Golbat Poison/Flying
Hideyoshi 297 Carnivine Fire/Fighting
Hanzo 264 Starly Ghost/Dark
Hatsume 197 Staravia Poison/Flying
Sandayu 265 Golbat Poison
Chiyome 199 Rufflet Poison

This battlefield does not have a whole lot of tricks. It’s pretty much just a straight up courtyard battle. There are some pools in the middle that can block land Pokemon. There is also this roulette feature. Every couple of turns the map will pick one Pokemon to go into the surprise area that has a bunch of present boxes. However after a couple of turns if it keeps putting pokemon in this area it can leave your Pokemon in the courtyard at a disadvantage. Luckily while I was playing only jigglypuff and Scyther were put in there, and Scyther can just fly over the wall.

Kingdom of Spectra Guide

Ghost Kingdom – Strong Against Normal/Fighting – Weak Against Dark

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
No 365 Misdreavus Ghost
Okuni 345 Scolipede Poison/Bug
Dosan 297 Lampent Ghost/Fire
Ittetsu 302 Drifloon Ghost/Flying
Bokuzen 274 Dusclops Ghost
Morinari 307 Misdreavus Ghost

The battlefield of Spectra reeks of spooky stuff. The pink flames will move randomly and inflict status ailments to anything around it. Also statues will move every once and awhile closing or opening routes for battle. Don’t lock yourself into an area by sitting behind one of these statues. Also try to avoid the flames. The dead trees can be hit to recieve helpful items like potions to keep your team alive.

Kingdom of Valora Guide

Steel Kingdom – Strong Against Poison – Weak Against Fire/Fighting/Ground

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Ieyasu 367 Aggron Steel/Rock
Todakatsu 419 Metagross Steel/Psychic
Ina 326 Quagsire Water/Ground
Hidetada 259 Aron Steel/Rock
Tenkai 308 Chimecho Psychic
Munenori 250 Aron Steel/Rock

The Steel Kingdom revolves around cogs to open and shut doors. These doors can keep precious distance away from these strong Steel types or lock you into close quarters death. Use these cogs to your advantage. Be careful of the little roomba looking drones. These drones will pick up Pokemon and drop them on the map at a random location. If you’re on one of the big blue platforms be ready to be moved.

Kingdom of Nixtorm Guide

Ice Kingdom – Strong Against Grass/Ground – Weak Against Fire/Fighting/Rock

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Mitsuhide 431 Lapras Ice/Water
Gracia 397 Musharna Psychic
Hidemitsu 341 Sealeo Ice/Water
Toshimitsu 383 Beartic Ice
Mitsutada 254 Cubchoo Ice
Fujitaka 278 Munna Psychic

The Ice Kingdom is probably one of my favorites so far. The music is enchanting and with headphones you can hear a sparkly snow storm moving back and forth. The battlefield itself is interesting. You start in heavy snow areas. In the heavy snow range is reduced significantly. In the middle of the battlefield is an ice. If you hit ice your Pokemon will slide in a straight line. You can use this to an advantage or sit back and wait for the opposing team to come get you. However if you do wait in the back the couple of Psychic Pokemon Musharna and Munna can be dangerous. If you’re asleep Musharna can use Dream Eater and will regain health and do some serious damage.

Kingdom of Drangor Guide

Dragon Kingdom – Strong Against Almost anything – Weak Against Ice/Dragon

Hero Strength Pokemon Pokemon Type
Nobunaga 530 Zekrom Dragon/Electric
Ranmaru 350 Dragonair Dragon
Kazumasu 355 Gabite Dragon/Ground
Urakusai 386 Semisage Grass
Narimasa 350 Fraxure Dragon
Masahide 254 Deino Dark/Dragon

Drangor is a L-shaped battleground with Poles riddling the walkways. Electric, Fire, Water and healing poles will activate if you Pokemon moves next to it. Be careful when you move on the battlefield. Stick next to the white, healing poles and stay away from the other colors. It might be helpful to bring Pokemon that have knock back moves. If you can knock the dragon Pokemon back into the different squares then they will take extra damage.

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