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Pokemon X & Y New Pokemon Special Evolution Guide

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Pokemon X & Y has some new Pokemon in it, as well as some new evoltuions to old classics. This Pokemon X & Y Evolutions Guide will go over some of the more wacky/interesting evoltuions that are hard to come by, by yourself. We will be adding interesting evoltuions from the community as well as when we find them! For now check out this breakdown of some of the more interesting evoltuions in this latest Adventure.

Eevee’s New Fairy Evolution

Who doesn’t want the new adorable version of Eevee? Eevee evolves into Sylveon if you make it like you ecstatically. The safest way to get Eevee to evolve is to play the Pokemon-Amie and boost all of the stats. This will take quite a while, but feed Eevee, Pet Eevee and play all of the games with Eevee until the meters are full on all three levels. Once you get all of the meters maxed out level Eevee and it should evolve into Sylveon.

Tyrunt’s Evolution | Amaura’s Evolution

Tyrunt and Amaura are the fossil Pokemon that you get by picking either the Jaw Fossil or Sail Fossil. Both of these Pokemon evolve at level 39, but there is a catch. When these Pokemon reach 39 you have t o make sure it is during a specific time of day. Tyrunt evolves into Tyrantrum if he hits 39 during the day. Amaura evolves into Aurorus at level 39 if it is night time. I don’t know if they will evolve after level 39, so be careful!

Pancham’s Evolution

Pancham, the fighting type Pokemon evolves into Pangoro a Fighting/Dark type powerhouse. To get Pancham to to evolve however, you are going to need to do a couple of things. First Pancham will have to be at least level 32. After you get Pancham to level 32 you will also have to have a Dark type Pokemon in your party.

Inkay’s Evolution

Inkay has a crazy evolution process to get to Malamar. First you will have to get an Inkay up to level 30. Anytime after level 30 you will have to level up the Inkay while the 3DS handheld is upside down. Stupid, and easy to miss, but I guess it’s a thing.

Goomy’s Evolutions

Goomy is a new Dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y. Goomy’s first evolution is just a regular level evolution. When Gloomy hits level 40 it will evolve into Sliggoo. The final evoltuion is a little trickier. After Sliggoo hits level 50 it will only evolve into Goodra if it is raining out. Head to Route 14 where it tends to be raining a lot for an easy way to get the newest addition to the Dragon category.

Trade Evoltuions in Pokemon X & Y

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Two of the new Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y will only evolve if you trade them with another trainer and are holding a specific object. Spritzee will evolve into Aromatisse if you trade it while it is holding a Sachet. Likewise, Swirlix will evolve into a Slurpuff if you trade the pokemon while it is holding an item called Whipped Dream.

So far that is all of the trickier evolutions for the new Pokemon in X & Y. If you are having a hard time finding an evoltuion, you can always hit us up in chat. For everything else Pokemon X & Y make sure to check out some more of our Pokemon X & Y articles.

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