Lords of the Fallen Season of Revelry Beginning Today

HEXWORKS (a CI Games studio) has announced the beginning of the ‘Season of Revelry’ in their action RPG Lords of the Fallen.

Part one of this two-part free update, dubbed “Offerings of Orius,” is now available in the title.

From new spells to seasonal decorations, see what’s in this update below:

Out now – Offerings of Orius

  • New spells: Six new spells, including the devastating Immolation, Radiant Shield Throw, and Holy Arrow Shot, further expanding the already wide range of magic-based attacks
  • New projectiles: Players now have three new projectiles at their disposal, including Blood Vomit, Explosive Mines, and Frost Worms, with which to dispatch foes from afar
  • New boss weapon abilities: Following a highly positive community reaction to the introduction of boss weapon abilities in an earlier update, players can now unlock uniquely powerful abilities for all boss weapons, including an eruption of bouncing flames with the Abbess’s Greatsword, and a torrent of burning blades with the Father of Misery’s Greathammer… once certain ‘secret tasks’ have been performed
  • Seasonal decorations: The Vestiges of Mournstead have been humbly adorned with festive decorations in celebration of the Season of Revelry

Next week, on December 21, part two of Lords of the Fallen’s Season of Revelry will begin.

Dubbed “Trial of the Three Spirits,” this update will bring with it three new questlines, three new armor sets, and three new weapons to go along with the theme. There’s also a new throwable that allows for snowball fights!

Catch up on all the details of Lords of the Fallen’s Trial of the Three Spirits below:

December 21st – Trial of the Three Spirits

  • Trial of the Three Spirits: Three new questlines, three new armor sets, three new weapons. Each representing one of the three gods – Orius’ Radiance, Adyr’s Rhogars, and the mysterious Umbral – players will need to overcome some arduous ordeals to reap such rewards
  • In-game character appearance reset: A highly requested community feature, players will be able to change their character’s name, body shape and gender, skin tone, hair color, and other physical attributes… once they complete a new quest to find the shards of the Mirror of Distortion
  • New Grievous Attacks: Every family of weapon now has two unique finishers, one for single-handed wielding, and one for two-handed wielding
  • Storage Box: Another much-sought feature, players will be able to deposit up to 2,000 items in the Skyrest Bridge Coffer to help free up inventory space
  • Gamepad Rebind: Players will have the ability to rebind gamepad buttons, having been able to remap mouse and keyboard since launch
  • SNOWBALL FIGHTS! Another new throwable, players can now launch snowballs at enemies or invaders alike

Lords of the Fallen is available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: Press Release
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