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Gamers Heroes Game of the Year Awards 2012


Most Talked on the Podcast: Pokemon

Pokemon Black & White Header Image
Gotta Catch Em All! And it seemed like the Pokemon Franchise did make an appearence on almost all of our podcasts for a while. Whether it was Ryan being cussed at by Captain Camper, or all of us reminiscing about the theme song from the TV show, Pokemon was by far the most talked about game. Paper Mario Sticker Star was a close runner up, but who can forget the time Ryan sang the song wrong? I’m guessing a lot of people who haven’t listened, so check out the podcast in the tab above or at this link LLLLIIIIINNNNKKKKK

Most Underappreciated Game of the Year: Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs Taking Out Dogeyes
Open world games are not underrepresented in any year, but few are actually very good. The fact that Sleeping Dogs even released after all of the problems and exchanges of ownership is amazing. On top of that, the game actually presents an interesting story in a fun environment. The combo system is that of the recent Batman series games and feels fluid. Plus just being in the Sleeping Dogs open world is funny. At the end of the day, not enough people give this game any recognition, so we have decided to here.

Biggest Sack of Lies of the Year: The War Z

War Z Featured Image
A lot of us at Gamers Heroes have played this game, liked playing this game and have even recommended it to others in the past. However, the developers of the War Z have handled a LOT of problems with the game in a way that is almost disgusting. Completely lying to new players on steam about mechanics that are blatantly not in the game is almost unforgivable. On top of that providing screen shots that are doctored to get people to purchase you game is just over the top. Although the game is in beta, if they keep up their practices, the gaming community will not be around when they decide to launch their full-fledged title. For all of these problems, Gamers Heroes gives The War Z our biggest sack of lies award.

Biggest Disappointment of the Year: Resident Evil 6

To say that Resident Evil 6 was a disappointment is an understatement. All of the buzz and talk from Capcom before the launch of the game led us all to a time when Resident Evil was a beloved franchise. However, after we got the games in our hands we all had one thing on our mind. This game is just dumb! No disrespect to the people that put a lot of hard work into their product. Single features by themselves worked fantastically. There is just a lack of cohesion and vision that makes this game fall extremely short of the mark they set for themselves. Hopefully Capcom will figure out a better strategy for the next Resident Evil game.

Game of the Year: Far Cry 3

A lot of outlets counted Far Cry 3 out before the game released. In fact most outlets won’t have Far Cry 3 in their Game of the Year discussions solely because it release date and because the buzz of the previews. However all of us at Gamers Heroes had a blast with this game. The hunting, the shooting, the missions and MOST of the story all pan out for a great game. Flying around on a lush island looks amazing to top it all off. Far Cry 3 does a lot of things and does them all very well. If this game is not in your library, you should move it to the top of your priority list because it is, in our opinion, 2012’s Game of the Year!

I hope that you all liked our 2012 Game of the Year Awards post. Do you think that we messed something up or think that another game should have won a category?

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