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How To Reclaim Your Broken Oath In Baldur’s Gate 3

If you break your oath through an action or choice, you will become an Oathbreaker. In this guide on How To Reclaim Your Broken Oath In Baldur’s Gate 3 we’ll explain how you can return to your previous form and maintain the skills and abilities you had access to.

I’m playing an Order of the Ancients Oath Paladin but I assume this process is similar for other Paladin Oaths and any other classes with a similar mechanic. If you go against the teachings of your oath and become an Oathbreaker, you will have a new condition on your character called “Oath Broken”. Reading this condition tells you that you will be visited the next time you rest at camp. When you wake after a full rest, you will find an Oathbreaker Knight waiting to speak with you in your camp.

How To Reclaim Your Broken Oath In Baldur’s Gate 3

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Speaking with the Oathbreaker Knight gives two choices. You can continue down this path and become a fully-fledged Oathbreaker, or you can attempt to repair your oath. If you want to reclaim your oath, make that choice in the conversation. Then tell the knight you wish to take up your oath again. You will then need to pay 1,000 gold to have everything restored. Feels a bit cheap, right?

Once you pay the fee, all of your abilities and actions will be restored and you can continue as normal.

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