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The Necromancy Of Thay Book Choices Guide For Baldur’s Gate 3

The dark magical book provides you with several choices to complete this quest. This The Necromancy Of Thay Book Choices Guide For Baldur’s Gate 3 breaks down what happens whether you decide to keep the book, read the book, or give the book away.

The Necromancy Of Thay Book Choices Guide For Baldur’s Gate 3

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If You Decide To Read The Book
If you open the book, you can no longer decide to give it to Astarion. You will need to made a DC 10 Wisdom Saving Throw, a DC 15 Wisdom Saving Throw, and a DC 20 Wisdom Saving Throw. You will then learn Speak With The Dead as a spell you can cast. You are unable to read the final page so the quest continues. It’s quite a lengthy process to read the book so check out our video guide on how to read the final page of the book. You get a powerful Necromancy spell that allows you to use a corpse to summon 6 ghouls. It does warn that you will suffer consequences later, we’ve yet to get there.

You can head to this house in Baldur’s Gate and speak with the Necromancer there. There is a secret door that looks like a wall but it’s easy to spot. Make sure you are using the character that read the final page. Save it first, if you speak with the wrong character the conversation won’t be available again.

If You Give The Book To Astarion
If you give the book to Astarion, he can read it like anyone else. However, on one of the steps Astarion has the option to do a Wisdom Saving Throw and “Drink in the darkness”. This is an option that no other character has. Once Astarion finishes reading the book in this way, he can read the final page the same as anyone else. I had already completed Astarion’s storyline so it’s difficult to be sure, but I think allowing him to read it gives him the ability to perform the right at the end of his arc.

If You Destroy The Book
If you decide to drop the book and destroy it, you will need to attack it with Radiant Damage, it is immune to all other damage types. Abilities, such as Divine Smite, do not work. It needs to be an area of effect ability that does Radiant Damage. I used Sunbeam. Once the book is destroyed, it will summon two shades you will have to kill. The book remains destroyed and the quest is complete.

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