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You Can Detonate A Nuke To Instantly Complete Dying Light The Following

Dying Light The Following
Surrounded by endless hordes of zombies. No end in sight. What do you do? You detonate a nuclear bomb and kill everything. The new DLC for Dying Light, The Following, is now available and you can complete (to some extent at least) the game with minimal effort needed through the detonation of a nuclear bomb.

Although intended to be part of the story you can detonate the nuclear bomb in Dying Light The Following within an hour or so of installing the DLC. You need to collect the following items:

Where To Find The Nuclear Codes

(In a chest under the water)
Nuclear Codes Location

Where To Find The Military Keycard

(Inside a chest in the same warehouse as the freak)
Military Keycard Location

Where To Find The Military Activation Card

Military Activation Card Location

The Location Of The Nuke

Nuke Location

If it all gets too much….

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