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Digimon World: Next Order Attack Skills Moves Guide

Digimon World Next Order Attack Skills Moves Guide
You can raise the most powerful Digimon imaginable but without the right moves, they’re useless. This Digimon World: Next Order Attack Skills Moves Guide will tell you what you need to kill to learn some of the games most impressive and powerful attacks.

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Digimon World: Next Order Attack Skills Moves Guide – Where To Learn Best Skills

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You can learn most of the abilities and Attack Skills moves in Digimon World: Next Order through two different paths. One is Digivolving a Digimon, which will occasionally give you access to that Digimon’s primary attacks but for the most part, especially for the more powerful abilities, they are a reward for taking down specific Digimon.

Note, it is random. You may have to fight a single Digimon type 10+ times before you get the skill we’ve listed below. There are also some Tamer Skills that increase the chances of learning specific skills in battle. Each fight accumulates your experience for that skill so keep fighting and you’ll unlock them.

[list style=’regular’] [list_item]Super Stinky Jet – Learned From Geremon in Server Cemetery [/list_item] [list_item]Poop Toss – Learned from Nunemon’s in Vast Plateau[/list_item] [list_item]Chaos Cloud and Splash- Black Agumon and Black Gabumon fight[/list_item] [list_item]Heat Breath – DigiVolve Growlmon Orange[/list_item] [list_item]Wind Cutter – Learned from Fugamon[/list_item] [list_item]Firewall – Learned from Red Veggiemon[/list_item] [list_item]Poop Attack Field – Giant Nunemon that sometimes spawns on Vast Plateau near Old Cableway entrance.[/list_item] [list_item]Magma Bomb – Red Veedramon in Dragon’s Trident inside Logic Volcano[/list_item] [list_item]Heavy Rain – MegaSeadramon in Dragon’s Trident inside Logic Volcano[/list_item] [list_item]Inferno – Red Veedramon in Dragon’s Trident inside Logic Volcano[/list_item] [list_item]Hail Spear – Garurumon (Black)[/list_item] [list_item]Flash – Piddomon top of the Logic Volcano (flame lands)[/list_item] [list_item]Spiral Driver – Arresterdramon at the top of the Logic Volcano[/list_item] [list_item]Blackout – Gabumon (black) or Agumon (black)[/list_item] [list_item]Waterfall – Seadramon[/list_item] [list_item]Electric Cloud – Birdramon[/list_item] [list_item]Ice Statue – Vikemon inside the Captain’s Cabin on MOD Ship 3.0[/list_item] [list_item]Fire Tower – Piddomon[/list_item] [list_item]Light Soul – Piddomon[/list_item] [list_item]Flash – Piddomon[/list_item] [list_item]Bio Field – Red Vegimon (Giant version in Guts Wastes)[/list_item] [list_item]Chaos Cloud – Youkomon (Hidden Red House in Logic Volcano)[/list_item] [list_item]Rockfall – Taomon (silver) Captains Cabin on MAG Ship 43.0, also HerculesKabuterimon[/list_item] [list_item]Venom Disaster – Taomon (silver) Captains Cabin on MAG Ship 43.0[/list_item] [list_item]Shadow Fall – SkullGreymon in Bony Resort[/list_item] [list_item]Buster Drive – SkullGreymon in Bony Resort[/list_item] [list_item]Muscle Charge – Nanimon in Bus Terminal[/list_item] [list_item]Poop Fling – Nanimon in Bus Terminal[/list_item] [list_item]War Cry – Paildramon[/list_item] [list_item]Delete Program – Giant ToyAgumon that sometimes spawns in Bony Drive[/list_item] [list_item]Blue Inferno – Greymon (Blue, Graveyard in Bony Resort)[/list_item] [list_item]Hide And Seek – The Digimon inside the Celeb Blue room in Bony Resort[/list_item] [list_item]Spiral Driver – ToyAgumon (Black) on Pathfork Island[/list_item] [list_item]Upgrade – Guardramon on Boulder Island[/list_item] [list_item]Energy Ball – Guardramon on Boulder Island[/list_item] [list_item]Anti-Attack Field – Guardramon on Boulder Island[/list_item] [list_item]Saint Shield – ClearAgumon in Drainage Path[/list_item] [list_item]Thunderstorm – Gururumon in Frozen Way[/list_item] [list_item]Burning Heart – MetalEtemon encountered during story[/list_item] [list_item]Fighting Aura – From the final boss battle[/list_item] [list_item]Evil Squall – From the final boss battle[/list_item] [list_item]Shining Nova – Beating Leopardmon post-game[/list_item] [list_item]Aurora Freeze – Beating Minervamon and Dianamo post-game[/list_item] [/list]

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