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How To Craft Different Style Suits In Gotham Knights (Eternal, Metal, Neon Noir)

One of the early crafting objectives requires you to craft suits in a specific style. This guide on How To Craft Different Style Suits In Gotham Knights (Eternal, Metal, Neon Noir) will tell you what you need to do in order to complete these crafting challenges and unlock the rewards they have on offer.

Once you unlock crafting challenges you will be given a steady stream of crafting suits in specific styles. This includes Eternal, Metal, Neon Noir, Privateer, Iconic Bravo, Shinobi, Demon, Iconic Delta, Iconic Charlie etc, the list goes on. Unfortunately, you are at the hands of randomness with this objective as you require specific blueprints before you’re able to complete these objectives, and most of those are given randomly.

How To Craft Different Style Suits In Gotham Knights (Eternal, Metal, Neon Noir)

The actual stats and other aspects of the gear are not important, you just need to craft the specific styles. Open the Gear menu and then navigate to the Crafting tab. Select suits. This shows all of your current blueprints for different suits. When you inspect each blueprint look in the bottom right, it lists Colorway and Style. Style is what you’re looking for. Simply keep exploring and completing objectives to get more blueprints and craft one whenever you have a style required for a challenge.

It’s important to note that once a blueprint becomes outdated, the game automatically deletes it and replaces it with a new one that you’ve picked up. This can cause you to lose specific styles, so it’s a good idea to search your blueprints after every mission and complete any crafting challenges you may have.

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