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How To Open The Hidden Door In Gotham Knights – 1st Investigation

The first investigation in Gotham Knights has you looking to open a secret door. This guide on How To Open The Hidden Door In Gotham Knights – 1st Investigation will explain how the investigation system works and then give you a quick and easy solution so you can open the door and continue with the story.

When you are faced with an investigation, you first want to discover all of the potential clues. When you are scanning the area, these are marked by a magnifying glass once you have discovered them. There are several clues in the first investigation. There’s a poster on the corkboard, as well as a calendar with two dates marked. There’s a control panel on the wall and a sticky note on the back of a binder. There’s also a microwave and a tablet.

How To Open The Hidden Door In Gotham Knights – 1st Investigation

For this particular investigation, you need to find out which device is powering the hidden mechanism to open the hidden door, then you need to find the appropriate code. There are three potential input devices, the thermostat, the tablet, and the microwave. The microwave is the correct device, so select that first.

You then need to match the correct device with the correct code. As there are only three digits available to choose on the microwave, the code has to be three digits. Select the Sticky Note on the back of the binder with code 127. This connects both clues visually on-screen. Then simply press the solve button to open the hidden door.

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