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Pokemon Legends Arceus Stone Statue Puzzle Guide

One of the main story missions in Pokemon Arceus has you trying to solve some Stone Statue puzzle. Check out this Pokemon Legends Arceus stone statue puzzle guide to get through it quickly and easily. This way you aren’t stuck in the ruins forever.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Door Statue Puzzle Guide

While traveling through the temple you are going to come across some statue with different symbols in them. You don’t need to pay attention to the symbols until you reach the door. The door will tell you too look at the statues gaze. There will be three statues in the hallway with the door. Start at the one furthers from the door and check that symbol, that will be the first one on the door. The middle statue is the second symbol for the door and the third is for the third symbol.

For me it was Rock, Steel, then Ice.

You will then run into a second door. Do the same thing, follow the statues gaze. For me it was Ice, rock, steel, rock, ice.

Then for the third door you will have to follow the statue gaze again. This time it was Steel, ice, rock, ice, steel, rock for me.

After you open all the doors, you will get to face of with the girl that can teach you how to fly. She has three Pokemon at once, so buckle up.

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