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Where To Catch Hisuian Growlithe In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Growlithe has long been a favorite since first generation, but now there’s a Hisuian form. This guide on Where To Catch Hisuian Growlithe In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how to track down this exciting new version of Growlithe so you can add one of the Hisuian regions coolest looking Pokemon to your roster.

Growlithe is one of a very few Pokemon that have been given a new form in the new region, called Hisuian. This both changes the appearance of Growlithe and alters the appearance of the Pokemon it can evolve into, Arcanine. The Hisuian Growlithe also plays an integral part of the story in one of the games regions as you encounter the pup of a lost Noble Pokemon that is struggling to find its way.

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Where To Catch Hisuian Growlithe In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Hisuian Growlithe In Pokemon Legends Arceus
You can find Hisuian Growlithe on the Cobalt Coastlands map, which is the third region you visit in Arceus. You don’t need any special travel abilities or anything, you simply need to head to the location. It’s atop the cliffs that start at Windbreak Stand and then go all the way to the East along the peninsula before dropping down into the cliffs at the end. You’ll need to follow the path all the way to the top to find the Growlithe.

When I encountered my first Hisuian Growlithe it was during sunny weather but at night. It’s likely available at other times of the day but if you go to the location shown on the map above and you do not see any Hisuian Growlithe in the area, try returning once the weather and time conditions match the image above.

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